**Live game thread**


So, if we beat Manly by at least 40……

We really need a good home performance from our blokes… We’ve been poor at home for some time…
We flogged manly earlier in the year… The first half of. That game was the best forty I’ve seen us play in a long long time…
… Manly will be

… de…

… de…

… determined to issue pay back… This must not occur

Will be listening from work.

Up The Mighty Tigers :sign:

So Andrew Johns has started early. Asked about Mybe he brushes over it to talk about Tommy turbo for ten miniutes

why don’t we ever wear the away jersey anymore

great break by Robbie, but things were in slow motion

Good break by Farah but the next play was rubbish

Farah looked like George Rose.

Why did Mahe run right into the defender lol?

How did Fonua not just head for the corner and score?

bit of a hospital pass to Brooks goes to ground……glue on standby


why don’t we ever wear the away jersey anymore

Because this is considered a home game.

poor goal line defense lets DCE score

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