Mybe vs holmes

I think mybe can be just as effective as holmes next year. He is looking more dangerous each game and with a full pre season and a better understanding of where he fits into our attack I think you will see him flourish

Mybe wishful thinking

mybe is a 6-8

val is a 8 -10
its as simple as that.

Watched the extended highlights of Sharks Knights game. Holmes was on fire. The guy is lightning fast. I am not sure that Mbye is in his class.

Mbye is a good player no doubt but Holmes can regularly break a game open.


Mbye has a lot to work on.

Mbye is solid without being spectacular.

This is funny.

A month or 2 ago most people were saying Holmes is a great winger but an average FB, now he’s the benchmark. Amazing how players improve with an extended run in one position.

FWIW, I think Mbye can be at least as valuable as Holmes to our side. Given it’s his first year at FB, he has loads of improvement left in him.



Mbye has a lot to work on.

True, but he has improved since he has come to us

Holmes played his entire juniour career at fullback, he only played wing in first grade. Even then it took him a year and a half before he looked good at fullback in first grade

Mbye played all his juniours at center and in the halves, even a bit at hooker, he only started playing fullback in firts grade this year

Give him time

Yes Geo

Didn’t you say Valentine was a left winger

Sure as hell looks like a fullback ……damn fine one …I could be wrong though … Yeah nah

Val Holmes was washed up after 4 games this year

We have Mybe, don’t care how good or bad other fullbacks may or may not be!! Just like I don’t care how Teddy plays at the Rorters my only concern is how well the Tigers players perform. Mybe is what we have for the next 4 years and I can only see him improving.

last pre-season we had was spectacular, i’d say a lot of our current squad would have hit PBs- let’s see how Mbye is after that. Not fair to judge him too much based on this year.

He’s as good as you are going to get unless you are willing to pay a million bucks.
He’ll do me.

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