NRL survey

Anyone seen the survey on the NRL site

I did it , pretty good , they won’t listen but at least they asked many of the right questions

Yeah I did it. I voted for 7-tackle sets in only some instances, Perth next expansion, Friday night best time slot to watch, Kogorah oval as worst venue, Leichhardt as best

Was there a “should Toad Greenberg get the sack” question? They wouldnt like the resounding majority yes vote that would certainly flood in like a tsunami.

Greenberg repeatedly comes out and says expansion is not in the agenda. Then every survey they do asks where we should expand to.
I don’t get it. And why do they want to know peoples fav or least fav ground. What would they do with that info?

Survey was full of loaded questions. With not much room at all for out of the box responses. With the ‘pick the best player in this position’, they had a free text option, I’m referring to they only asked a handful of questions on a few topics they wanted to know about, and the range of response were far from impartial.

Interesting to see what their perception is of what the public thinks. There was no question about should other teams be able to poach coaches who are contracted, and I don’t recall a question on TPAs (though maybe I’m wrong and there was one on TPAs?)

Waste of time. Nothing changes

There certainly should have been a question about TPAs, and whether player’s salaries should be published


There certainly should have been a question about TPAs, and whether player’s salaries should be published

I started the survey, optimistically expecting questions about salary cap, TPA’s, perceptions of the Broncos/Capons rorts but couldn’t find that section so I quit without finishing it. Surveys only find out what they set out to find. Rubbish in, rubbish out.

I was bored with nothing to do…so I did it

Have completed it but it was an exercise in futility.As others have stated no questions about TPA’S Salary cap or the leadership of the NRL it seems that they dont want to know about the important issues only peripheral ones

would like to see the end of golden point. if the score is tied then it should be 1 point each after 80 min.

would like to see the results of that, especially the golden point question

Did the survey. Nothing interesting in it and even if the majority answer for change nothing will happen.

If you are doing the wrong thing in business or are incompentent do you want people to tell you that?

Answer: NO!

So you don’t put those questions in the survey.

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