Junior Reps 2019

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    We’ve got 2 of the above, Xavier Coates would finish it nicely.

  • @leftrightout said in Junior Reps 2019:

    Just finished watching our under 20’s at orana, we are a mess. Forget about the score line because 5 of Penrith better players didn’t play or have already gone up to cc. We are either horribly coached or the blokes playing dummy should be axed. Message to the idiots @ dummy half, and first receiver on both sides of the ruck, when Cini or Dillon want the ball don’t pass it to a fat unfit forward and don’t decide to put on an extra slow bullshit edge play cause you have no tempo. Wouldn’t be surprised if Cini and Dillon look to get out of current contracts they are completely wasted in this side.

    You do realise that our 4 best Flegg players have already been promoted to CC too, right? We’ve been wooden spoon material the past few years in NYC. We have started to recruit better, but do to a complete lack of recruitment in previous years and a subsequent lack of depth these guys are needed in CC already.

    Our halves in Flegg are pretty average. Ngati at hooker isn’t too bad. How do we get the ball to the outside backs if we don’t hit the ball up first or have halves capable of putting on a decent backline play? Going side to side is the worst thing to do on a field.

  • @balmain-boy I understand where you’re coming from, but they won’t make the semis, and the two halves are not going any further than fringe Jersey Flegg players, there were at least 4 to 5 real 4 on 3 opportunities that cini and dillon recognised but they couldn’t get the ball. If you have played the game at a decent level, you know who your best players are and when they want the ball more times than not you give it to them, even when cini and dillon do hit ups they are more potent and poke there nose through nearly every time, sadly our forwards are rubbish even Henry puhotau is bog average he has no impact at all in Jersey Flegg, and is terribly. We don’t go forward and can’t win play the balls whether we are in possession or not,lambkin should just be saying to the 9 , 6, and 7 if cini or dillon want the ball just give it to them, let them try something , because 6,7 and 9 are very limited ability wise, it punishing watching them play. Bradley and Seyfarth are big bodies and Talau will end up 100 kgs plus, madden well good luck to the kid and the whisper is he will be given all the favours, do I think cini and dillon have more individual ability with the ball than those guys , 100 percent i do but they will take longer with them having to develop size.

  • @ALX22 said in Junior Reps 2019:

    Braydon Guyan - NSWCHS U18
    Flynn Angles-Corke - NSWCIS U18
    Zane Camroux - NSWCCC U18

    Apologies for missing out:

    Revelation Sio - NSWCHS U15

  • @ALX22 thanks for keeping us updated on the juniors 👍🏼👍🏼

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  • @ALX22 said in Junior Reps 2019:

    Braydon Guyan - NSWCHS U18
    Flynn Angles-Corke - NSWCIS U18
    Zane Camroux - NSWCCC U18

    All confirmed.

    NSWCCC U18
    17 Zane Camroux

    NSWCHS U18
    17 Braydon Guyan

    NSWCIS U18
    1 Flynn Angles-Corke

    Follow: http://websites.sportstg.com/assoc_page.cgi?c=0-2130-0-0-0&sID=414326
    *Note plenty of issues with live stream

  • Apologies for missing this. Pity the club couldn’t promote this.

    alt text

  • Group 6 JRL
    alt text

    Bailey Brown, Bohan Spencer, Raiden Crowe and Remi Mant were all Western Suburbs Magpies HM Summer Squad members.

    Apologies for missing earlier, but Matthew Parkes represented NSWCIS U15.

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