• This morning , the quiet ,leafy street ,that is the residence of a certain Rugby League Coach that has been rumoured to be escaping his contract , and moving to another Western Club ,had its usually serene atmosphere , absolutely explode, when said Coach gave by far ,the most definite
    Answer as to whether he’s leaving or NOt.

    This indication , is one that can’t be ignored , and is much more of a reliable indicator of his decisions than has been written or talked about before
    Ivan(the Coach) is a man of habits , and is not one to change themlightly,

    This morning Ivan was seen to have , not three, but TWO Weetbix for breakfast, Ivan is famous for
    His love of the crispy little buggers, but NEVER changes the number that he eats,
    His wife was shocked to be a witness to this unmistakeable signal that Ivan has had enough and is going .

    Triple M radio, (the only people who still think that he’s leaving ,and still hang around his house , ). (Apart , of course , those from the Wests Tigers Forum,)were running around in circles screaming “We were right”. ……WE were right,!!

    But bigger news was to come ,when Ivan appeared at his front door ( as he does every day, just another thing that he does religiously every day)
    He stood at the door and just stared into the distance before turning Not to the WEST, but to the EAST for his morning walkcarrying a Chook,

    There it is!!!
    What more is there to say???

  • Funny…im having three weet bix right now

  • wow! That was a waste of 1 minute of my life!

  • Thread locked in 3……2…1…

  • I’m with Yeti

  • @:

    Funny…im having three weet bix right now

    You must be the new coach ink

  • IAM WITH TRUMP fake news. LOL

  • @:

    Funny…im having three weet bix right now

    You too know the future!

  • @:

    IAM WITH TRUMP fake news. LOL

    I’m absolutely shocked that you would even think of questioning my journalistic credibility…
    Which bit did you consider to be slightly incorrect 😲

  • @:

    wow! That was a waste of 1 minute of my life!

    Thank you. It’s good to have constructive critism from my readers 😃
    Il try to keep up my good work


    Sticks of gelignite have skyrocketed in price while C4 has remained steady.

  • Disappointing that no Vegemite on toast.

  • Reasons the NRL needs to have a 12 months a year season

  • All clubs have fans that should be in straight jackets

  • @:

    wow! That was a waste of 1 minute of my life!

    Rubbish …… he is a muesli man! And he is starting to give me the shits.
    No story here move right along please.

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