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The Wests Tigers are on the verge of striking a deal to release Ivan Cleary in the coming days as they move to finalise a long-term contract with super coach Wayne Bennett, potentially effective immediately.

NRL.com understands Cleary could be granted a release to join Penrith in 2019 as the Tigers ramp up discussions with Bennett about coaching the club from as early as next season.

It is understood the Tigers are willing to release Cleary in the coming days, with club officials of the view his position is almost untenable, but they are working through delicate negotiations with Bennett before signing off on their coach’s release from the final two years of his deal.

Cleary has already committed to the Panthers for three years from the 2021 season.

Bennett still has another year to run at Brisbane, however the Broncos could be willing to part ways with the wily coach after recently informing him that his services wouldn’t be required at Red Hill beyond the end of 2019.

The Australian reported on Wednesday that Bennett had expressed interest in the Tigers job. NRL.com understands matters have progressed a lot further this week.

Cleary’s potential release from the Tigers would then result in him inking a five-year deal with the Panthers to coach the team which includes his son until at least 2023.

The Tigers have attracted interest from several coaches, including Bennett and Michael Maguire - a reflection of how far the club has come despite modest facilities and a lack of success on the field.

Broncos coach Wayne Bennett.
Broncos coach Wayne Bennett.
©Jason O’Brien/NRL Photos
Manly announced on Friday morning that they were no longer in negotiations with Maguire after they “could not meet the proposed terms” he was seeking.

“The club remains in discussions with several experienced and highly qualified candidates with a view to making this key appointment as a priority,” according to the club statement.

One of the sticking points in the Tigers’ discussions with Bennett will revolve around money, with Bennett likely to have to take a substantial pay cut on a deal that is likely to be well less than a million dollars a year.

Given some of the criticism of Bennett in recent years, there’s a feeling he may be willing to take a pay cut to still prove he has what it takes to lead a team to premiership glory.

The Tigers return to pre-season training on November 1, while Cleary is believed to be heading on an overseas trip with his family to Bali on Sunday.

Bennett will also be away with the English team for an international series against New Zealand in the United Kingdom later this month.

NRL.com revealed in August that the Panthers were interested in Cleary returning to the club three years after he was sacked by executive general manager Phil Gould.

Nathan Cleary, after playing a leading hand in the Blues’ State of Origin series win in his first appearances in a NSW jersey, is considered the cornerstone of the Penrith franchise.

After extending his deal at the Panthers until the end of 2024 recently, the goal-kicking halfback told NRL.com his new contract had “nothing to do with my old man”.

“I was happy to make the decision by myself. What happens in the future with dad is out of my control. I don’t think I ever thought I was going to leave even with what was going on. I always thought I would stay and it would all work itself out eventually and yeah it did. This is a real happy place to be in at the moment.”

🙏 🙏 🙏

Good riddance j**k.
Clearys penrith and Gould #1 tigers enemy.


Good riddance j**k.
Clearys penrith and Gould #1 tigers enemy.

i think u summed it up for most on here. p.s dont let the door hit u on the way out.

I hope the father / son combo destabilizes the team and club with Ivan is left to think about what could have been. By the way, Phil Goulds crocodile tears at the club presentation made me sick. He doesn’t care about anyone except himself.



Oh dear:


Two issues with the story. Benny’s isn’t a “West Tigers” legend and Woods doesn’t deserve his Kangaroos Jersey.

Also our colours are black, gold and white.

And Elias should just shut the frig up!

Amazing the lengths that Gould would go to ensure that Nathan remained a Panther, he has played his part in de-stabilising the Tigers in the process (of course Ivan has also contributed to this if the speculation comes true)!!

Future Newspaper headline When Tigers beat the panthers net year

Ivan, run over by his old bus


Future Newspaper headline When Tigers beat the panthers net year

Ivan, run over by his old bus

he got off it to early

Elias is an embarrassment - to himself really - but to Wests Tigers by association (association thanks to the media)!
As much as I am bitterly disappointed by Cleary, he did not ‘get rid’ of Woods, Tedesco and Moses.
And to say we are a laughing stock is ridiculous.
Benny is a twat.

Not looking good for the old Tigers is it….

Sometimes I ask myself why I do this to myself…

Lets not forget how Bennett left the Knights…

Bennett screwed the Knights and he played Thaiday at hooker this year lol. I think he has lost it. He is getting on. I’d rather Maguire. If it was Bennet 10 years ago sure.


Bennett screwed the Knights and he played Thaiday at hooker this year lol. I think he has lost it. He is getting on. I’d rather Maguire. If it was Bennet 10 years ago sure.

I’m with you. I’d be happier with Maguire.
I know Bennett has a celebrated history as a coach, but there is a reason the Broncos are shifting him. I think he has had his day in the sun.

Tinkler screwed the Knights… Didn’t Bennett get them 1 game from a grand final his 1st year there after years of mediocrity …?

From a corporate and recruitment perspective Bennett has it over MaGuire…he has pulling power…

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