Most Hated Teams

I’m a peace-loving sort of bloke but Sport is the one aspect where I allow hate to enter my life.
Panthers used to be my second team but after the Gustopian era, they’ve joined my top 5 most hated teams.

1. Melbourne Storm
2. Brisbane Broncos
3. Sydney Roosters
4. Penrith Panthers
5. Manly (just for tradition’s sake)

Why the hate? These are the clubs that seem to get away with what they like both on the field but particularly off-field.

Who are your most hated teams?

1. Souths (due to 1909)
2. Souths (refer above)
3. Parramatta (just because)
4. Cronulla (just because)

the Penrith Pythons just went to the top of my list ahead of Manly and Canterbury ( it’s a 70’s thing ) and the modern day salary sombrero wearing Roosters and Broncos !

Melbourne sit easily at the top of this list for me. They are a manufactured team who came in because the merged competition (news limited) wanted a team in Melbourne and that resulted in deserving clubs being cut.

The arrogance they displayed during the salary cap scandal and continue to display around it is enough for me.

Add in Slater kicking Skando in the face, the spear tackle on Mccraken, and Danny Williams punching Mark O’Neill.

Rorters, Sea Gulls, Berries and Nags for me.




Roosters, Panthers, Sea-Eagles basically in that order.

Same as the OPs for me

It used to be Manly but with their Bondi brown paper bags and arrogant attitude Easts win it hands down. I’d love the ATO to do an audit on the bastards.

Easts, daylight, Parramatta, Cronulla, Brisbane, Penrith.

Penrith have nudged Melbourne out of there.

sowffs, (cap)roorters, (drug cheating)sharks, dogs (apt name for their supporters)
and last but certainly not least MANUre … so good to see this mob struggling.

Penrith for me. I’d even cheer on the roosters against them.

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