Hayne plane

Exactly what we need for next season.
Puts vision and speed into the backline .
Would see us become a top 4 prospect

Benji / Reynolds

Buys time to find a quality centre for the following year

The right coach for him

One of few clubs with cap room

Do it tigers

French rugby is circling , forget about it , last thing we need is to get in a bidding war with clubs who have limitless funds

base his contract on how many times he was looking for the ball, on how many runs and yardage he makes against what teams. We don’t want two players missing in action.

I mean we could do worse, covers all positions in the backline and if he doesn’t want to leave Sydney we could certainly give him a hand. Not sure he’d be a player Madge would want though

Doubt Hayne alone would make us a top 4 prospect, however I do like the idea only if it’s nothing beyond 500k then why not we need a strike centre

The Hayne plane would be well aware that his " certificate to fly" is coming to an end. He’d be better off in a hangar somewhere else.

Hayne still is one of the few players who can bring the crowd to their feet.
A genuine game-breaker and big-game player.
Experienced, fast, elusive.

But he can also go missing, can be lazy and has a superiority complex.

He is certainly risk/reward.

But whoever can harness his ego and revive a positive attitude will have an absolute champion and because they will have taken that risk and now reaped the reward of one the most exciting players of the era, they will be the envy of the league.

I hope this is us and Madge.

We dont need a biplane

For the right price you’d have to seriously consider it.

Can an active hands on captain or vice captain give him the evil eye if goes missing in action?


Can an active hands on captain or vice captain give him the evil eye if goes missing in action?

I don’t think so. A mate’s daughter spent some time as a phsio at Parramatta during Hayne’s first stint there. She said she’s never met a more arrogant or self-absorbed person in her life. When he was in injury rehab she’d prescribe exercises for him and if he didn’t like any of them he say “Jarryd Hayne doesn’t do that”. After she got sick of him referring to himself in the third person she’d remind him that he was in fact Jarryd Hayne and he’d just look at her with an empty stare.
Granted he can be brilliant at times but, if he’s having an off day, I don’t think anybody could bring him back to reality.

He was one of the better players for the Eels in the 2nd half of 2018 but the bar wasnt set high. For the right $$ you would have to consider it but I agree if French rugby clubs want him they will pay overs no problem.

If he comes - It HAS to be for Fullback. I don’t think he’s worth the money if you remotely consider playing him elsewhere.

Remembering Mbye has a lot of experience playing in the Halves.

I would be going 1. Hayne 6. Mbye 7. Brooks 9. Farah - 14. Reynolds

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