Who were the worst signings in 2018?

1. Jack Bird
2. Tony Williams
3 Bryce Cartwright
4 Charlie Gubb
5 Kane Evens
6 McQueen
7 Woods
8 Reynolds
9 Latu
10 Foran

Were some of these even signings in 2018?

Foran worst followed by Reynolds , big $$$$ bt injury ruled 2018 hope reynolds has better luck in 2019 and makes an impression, dont think Foran can improve in 2019 to banged up

Moses (1st full season)
Ivan Cleary (1st full season)
Tanne Milne

What is the criteria? If it’s return on investment then yeah most of them were very poor.

Yep. Return on Investment.
Also most of these players would have signed three year deals. Some longer.

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