Sam Burgess - No. 1 Grub

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    Heard it was Sam. And given his history, didn’t question it. I guess you’re right ink, it was a bit of a rant. Oh well, my position stands on him. The act itself is atrocious and yet another the Burgess clan van be proud of. Guess I’ll have to alter the Thread title.

    Haha no probs…I watched the edited replay last night they mustve cut that bit out….squashed into an hour
    There was a lot of niggle in the game, Poms got the rub of the green again from Pipsqueak sutton this time
    Good games though and very close…Aussies at present would be luck to compete with either team
    jst annoying that it streamed at that awkward time of 1 am 😦

    It was live at 1 am …… and fox have been playing the game probably 3 times a day since

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