I don't care what Ivan says

  • He can talk his talk. He did it the whole time he called the bus and signed the players he wanted. “FACT” is he never gave a brass razoo about the West Tigers. He can talk all he wants and try to make people believe the decision was mutual but he seriously needs to shut up after all his silence. He is a F××××n liar. I believed in him, i saw progress. I am so pissed off with him and the way the NRL allows this crap to happen. Had my say BRING MAGUIRE. As a Magpie turned West Tiger, I like the first three letters in his name. Happy Days :righton:

  • I cleaned out my backyard today and ended up with 7 or 8 shovel loads of crap. I’m inviting Ivan, Nathan and Gus “The Horror” to a cleanout day and they will share the 7 or 8 shovel loads of crap on their heads.

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    I don’t care …period

  • I hear you and agree , who cares what the guy said , we move on
    Panthers run 10 th in 2019
    Tigers run 7 th under our new coach
    Panthers start to crumble
    Tigers make a charge to the finals , very simple , we move forward , Panthers crumble , Gould looks like a Dick and the CLEARY Boys cop,all the crap , and we sit back and watch
    That is after we play in the final

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