WT on foxtel ch502, 6 PM, Sat

  • WT vs Eals 2013 :sign:

  • I’ve been watching all day. Things that stood out:

    Korobeiti was a beast. We need a back like him again.

    When he was on, Benji was the best in the game. Dynamic, dangerous, skillful… Genius.

    Felt funny seeing us get the rub of the green from the refs. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt that.

  • Watching some of these games really makes my heart hurt. Highlights the strength in depth and talent we had but also the incompetence in club management.
    Tigers vs Roosters is at 10:00Est and Tigers vs Manly straight after, I think.

  • You forget who the bounce of the ball went our way in the 2005 final series

    Haven’t seen the 1st final against Cowboys for years

  • Watching the 2011 final vs the Dragons really reminded me of how much I hated Jamie Soward. What a little cretin he was. Probably still is.

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