Wests Tigers Podcast - Hosted by Helmsey&Eddie.

Hi everyone,

Ran this by Kul prior to posting (Thank you Kul)

A couple of weeks ago myself and helmesy (fellow long term member of the forum) decided to start up a new podcast. DIdn’t know each other before hand apart from arguing on the forum and being tragic Tigers fans!. Joel (helmesy) has a very vast background in commercial radio/media and podcasts whilst I had been doing my own podcasts for 18 months for fun mainly but thought it might be more interesting team up with someone with experience and similar interests to try and grow it.

We were going to talk in each Podcast a little bit about discussions from the forum and mention the forum where possible. If anyone would like to come on in future or discuss ideas for the show feel free to private message either of us or discuss here or on the site.

We recorded the first episode on Saturday. Our Plan is to do weekly podcasts through the seasons as well a couple a month before the start of season 2019.

You can listen to our first podcast from this link below. Included below is how we formatted it.


Wests Tigers Podcast

Part 1 (15 Minutes)

*Intro of Both hosts (background)

  • The coach swap – Ivan Cleary and Michael Maguire discussion

Part 2 - (20 Minutes)

Segment 1- Set of Six (Buy, Sell, Hold)

1.The signing of Zane Musgrave
2.Home grounds – WSS Move for or against?
3. Benji and Robbie playing on good move or not?
4. Is Jacob Liddle the future long-term hooker at Wests Tigers?
5. Do we need to get rid of the five captains strategy?
6. And does the NRL need to rethink Golden Point?

Segment 2 - 5 Wests Tigers trivia questions including a Who am I

Hope you guys enjoy it and looking forward to. Wasn’t perfect obviously first time we did one together and there was some background music where we did it. However if you have any suggestions for future podcasts or segments feel free to post here or contact us.

Also have a Facebook Page where you can like/follow - https://www.facebook.com/weststigerspodcast/



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Good stuff guys. I’ll check it out.

Many may have already listen to it but there is a very good podcast just started, hosted by Eddie (one of our regular posters). He is teamed up with another guy who has a background in commercial radio. It’s a really professional podcast and worth a listen. The plan I understand is to do a weekly podcast. Any the first one just started and you can catch it at www.weststigerspodcast.com

By the way this is seperate stuff to Eddies eye of the Tiger stuffhe also does.

Anyway have a listen and if you like it…let them know

Yeah it was good…keep em in this thread I made a sticky…

Keep it up lads…

Good stuff mate, I’ve subscribed

Good work fellas, really enjoyed that.

Looking forward to hearing more about the team’s progress over the off-season. Would be great if you had someone from the club in to provide an update & answer some questions etc.

Good podcast, I enjoyed that.

Thanks everyone, appreciate the support. We have a rundown ready to go for the next one, focussing a lot on the 2019 squad etc.

Good stuff Eddie and Helmesy - enjoyed listening. Look forward to your thoughts in weeks to come.

Great collaboration guys, with a bit of Joel’s finesse added to Eddie’s enthusiasm.

Looking forward to future efforts and whilst no doubt there was a decent amount of preparation, particularly loved the realness of conversation that the location created.

Just had a listen. Fantastic work guys well done! I’ll be a regular listener for sure!

Appreciate the feedback guys,

Joel and I are hoping to meet up again this weekend or early next week to do the 2nd podcast.

In Part 2 were going to dedicate a section to posts/topics/questions from this forum.

So if there is anything you want us to discuss or a specific questions you want us to answer let us know.



Good podcast,well worth listening to

where do you think the NRL is gonna be in the next 10-20 years?

What are the 5 most pressing issues needed to be addressed by NRL?

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