Wests Tigers Podcast - Hosted by Helmsey&Eddie.

@helmesy said in New Wests Tigers Podcast - (Helmsey and I) -UPDATED - EPISODE 5 POSTED - Salary Cap/Pascoe Episode.:

The boys are back for the latest Wests Tigers Podcast! https://weststigerspodcast.com.au/wests-tigers-podcast-0044/

Joel and Eddie - Great work.

I really enjoyed this on my commute this morning, probably one of the best to date so far.


If you haven’t already Get on the WTF Podcast bus…haha**

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Hey guys, great to do a podcast after a really positive weekend for the club. We also talk the results of the forum poll on where the Wests Tigers should call home… https://weststigerspodcast.com.au/wests-tigers-podcast-0045/

Great - got a trip to Bathurst tomorrow so the podcast will help the trip go faster

On this edition we talk Cowboys result, Liddle, Ramien, Brimson and Fiji! https://weststigerspodcast.com.au/wests-tigers-podcast-0046/

Wafers should do your ears a favour.

Listened earlier today on the commute home.

Good work guys.

Would love to get Madge or Pascoe on one day

Good episode. Listened on the commute home last night.

Great listen as always guys, it really is something I look forward to listening to each week
I reckon a discussion on our roster and where we see the needs going forward would be interesting. Plenty on here for sure but always interested in listening to your views
Thanks again for the great pod

Hey guys, latest episode is ready to go with the focus on trying to answer the question “what went wrong?” in the game against the Bulldogs - https://weststigerspodcast.com.au/wests-tigers-podcast-0047/

Driving home from port Macquarie tomorrow- perfect timing boys!! Thanks

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