BBL fantasy 2018/19..

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    OK we are at the pointy end now apologies for lack of updates as haven’t had a pc and to hard on ipad/phone…

    Top 4
    1 Helta Skelta
    2. Bleed B W & G
    3. Laroche Lions
    4. Stanmore Stags

    Semi Finals

    Hurricanes v Stars
    Renegades v Sixes


    Helta Skelta v Stanmore Stags
    Bleed B W & G v Laroche Lions

    Unlimited Trades most likely we will have similar teams so selecting the Captain will be the key…

    Good Luck

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    Ding dong battles

    Helta Skelta 622 v Stanmore Stags 435
    Bleed B W & G 481 v Laroche Lions 654

    Even benching guys didn’t help me…wd Helta Skelta and Laroche Lions

    Stars V Renegades


    Helta Skelta v Laroche Lions

    Good Luck both teams…

    P.S. I get to play Hussey in the other league GF…woooooooop

  • Thanks Geo

    Nice win Tiger1

    Thought zampa might just get me there at the end but alas

    Good game

    What a choke huh

    Lucky I changed my captain from stoinis to maxi in the last minute given he hadn’t been bowling.

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