Pascoe sanctioned by the NRL

  • Was pleased to hear the COE funding has been signed off. Much needed upgrade.

  • Do reading between the lines she will move on because she has no faith in current NRL governance. Way to go Todd you pretender!

  • We got very lucky with the NRL revised penalty. Anybody who thinks that Greenberg is conducting a vendetta against us needs therapy…or has the IQ of a houseplant.

  • Thankyou for being normal and rational
    You don’t belong on the internet

  • Sorry, im overdue for my medication. I promise it won’t happen again……

  • Speaking from experience. Go back to the Kennel forum.

  • Well I’d be confident in beating s houseplant in a game of chess and I do think Greenberg is an inconsistent, incompetent leader who favours the big clubs. Why he does this I don’t know. Maybe he’s scared to take them on; maybe he wants Sydney clubs to fold. And it’s not just Greenberg, it’s the NRL. Cameron Smith is favoured. Broncos are favoured. Rorters do what they like. Recently Inglis was treated favourably. We were prejudiced when Daley was allowed to coach indigenous team but not us. Not fair. Not consistent. Actually incompetent leadership. Vendetta - I don’t know. Houseplant - not likely.

  • Welcome @HateForums. You are very understanding of the NRL view in what you have posted in the week since you jumped on board.

    It must only be us offering players post retirement gigs while they were playing & blokes like Slater (melbourne), Lewis (cronulla) Lockyer (broncos) must have all entered the last years of their playing careers hoping for the best and a job suddenly opened up and was offered in the weeks after their retirement.

    Technically we are im breach of the rules. Anyone that thinks the examples above were not is naive in the extreme & that is what irks people, there are different sets of rules investigated, applied & penalised with no consistency at all.

  • Oh and this is why an exceptional leader at governance level will walk away from the NRL.

  • The thing I don’t understand is if one of the parties did not sign the contract and No monies have been paid how can we be penalised for something that has not occurred and may never occur?

  • When you think about it we did self report. I remember press articles about Robbie taking an ambassador role at the time, the NRL was just too stupid to pick up the phone and ask whats doin?

    Honest mistake imo .

  • None of us have seen any evidence … none of us know what has been declared and what hasn’t … You’re guessing …
    here’s what we do know
    Tigers admitted fault
    Pascoe admitted fault
    An agreement to pay Farah after retirement wasn’t disclosed

    But yeah only the Chinese swim team doped
    The aussies overdosed on caffeine
    Same mentality
    Stop being victims

  • Thanks for your constructive reply. Suggest you do as your username implies

  • ForumSupporter

    Well this escalated quickly…

  • Yes this is no place for being constructive
    Let’s cheat better next time huh? Cash only … no side letters … lets be smart about it

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