Podcast with Keith Galloway

Hey guys,

You might be interested in checking out the podcast I did with big Keithy Galloway. Lots of great stories and insights from his career and Tiger days.

Let me know if you’re interested and I will post the direct link. If you have a podcast app just search Talking with TK or google it i’m sure it will come up.

I should have Chris Lawrence on shortly also just organising the date.

Paul Whaturia, Wayne Pearce and Paul Sironen have also been on the podcast so that might interest you.




Are these recent or from back in the day?

Thanks for the heads up Tristan. I enjoyed the interview.

Interesting - you asked Keith who was the best leader he played with and he said Gareth Ellis - he added that a lot of the Tiger’s success in 2010-11 was because of Ellis’ presence in the side. He was a great player, no doubt. I don’t think Ellis ever captained the WT, but he certainly led by example. We desperately need another on like him.

I was also interested in who Keith regarded as the toughest he played against - Ruben Wiki; Adrian Morely and Petro Civoniceva. Those sort of insights are always interesting.


Link me and perhaps there is a merger of podcasts in the making…

Thanks for listening mate, yeah Gareth was always such a tough nut wasn’t he really old school English player great mix of leadership and toughness.

Direct link for the podcast online is https://www.talkingwithtk.com/single-post/Keith-Galloway

Apple/itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/talking-with-tk/id1236527720

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/77AszHRsFLlzl3Ef7BJogS?si=0MetOPi0R6WumxRT8StJaQ

Good interview and nice to get an insight into the life and career of big Keithy, sounds like a very personable bloke.

@tristan.k_nell I really enjoyed you catching up with Keefy, whose contributions were often underestimated by many footy fans and none more so than WT ones. Will keep you in mind when in the mood for another interview listen.

Nice work. Thanks for the heads up.

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