WestsTigersForum.com is now on Discourse

Welcome to our new home.

Overnight WestsTigersForum.com switched across from using phpbb as our platform, to using Discourse. This is the future of online communities and forums.

Our new home is faster, responsive, reliable, secure, intuitive and dynamic. You will instantly see differences like #tagging and @mentions, continuous threads that never need to be reloaded, instantly appearing posts and more. Further it has features like trust systems - a natural governance and immune system - that encourages community engagement and weeds out the garbage. Discourse removes the complex and shows you what you are interested in.

At the same time you’ll find the place familiar; all the threads and posts from the last 10 years are here (I even tried to migrate everything from the old s4.invisionfree site, but it’s no longer available). The structure of the forum is similar too, although now we can rely more on #tagging to categorise everything like game-day, contract or news topics.

This hasn’t happened overnight, it’s been a long journey that started about a year ago and involved identifying the best platform, then migrating our site to our own dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) in Australia, to finally migrating our decade of history across to the new platform. It’s been a long process with many nights working late.

But it’s worth it.

The old platform (phpbb) was released in 2000, built on technology foundations that were the standard at a time when most people had 56K dial-up internet, smartphones didn’t exist and social media was a decade away. Yes it still worked, but the very nature of its core framework meant that it could never serve the demands of a rapidly evolving landscape. The larger and older the forum would get, the slower and more fragile it would become. Eventually we’d have to bite the bullet and I decided that the time was now, in our 10th year and before the season kicked off.

This new platform (Discourse) is a from-scratch reboot of forum software for the modern age. Built on modern frameworks, it’s built with the next 10 years of internet in mind. Other forums will have to eventually move to similar platforms, but the longer the leave it the harder and more expensive it will become.

So that brings us to today!

Welcome to the Wests Tigers Discourse, welcome to WestsTigersForum.com

You can log in using your username or email address. Your password would have migrated across, however the new platform requires a stronger level of user passwords. If you password is considered too weak, the new forum will ask you to reactivate your account (via email) and set a new, stronger password.

Some users may have issues logging in if your username included space or special character. Try replacing any spaces with an “_” underscore. Alternatively reach try logging in using your email address instead of username.

If all that fails and you can’t log in because of a username or password issue, please reach out to the admins and we will get things fixed up for you.


Nice …. but will take time getting used to the new format.

Thanks for all your hard work.

You can now “react” to posts, like on facebook.

I’ve limited the number reactions to the standard ones, but I’d be open to adding some more

Can we roll back the changes?

Hello Kul, I’m just wondering where the donation link is.

Looks good but can we make the profile pictures bigger without clicking on them

Cheers mate

profile pics gone?..…20 characters ffft

KUL please consider rolling back. Standard patterns like pagination and a clear IA are Better than this highly polished but unusable UI. Yes it is slick but downright frustrating to slide through and never ending threads or with the elastic control.

Roll back, for the people

Sorry…. Don’t like it at all… Very difficult

This new format is very different but its growing on me for the right reasons

Easy quotes and Tracking of threads.

Make sure you enable notifications…makes it easier

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