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Thanks @Kul
I have been having the same issues recently posted above, including the 502 errors which are a new thing to me in such incidence.

Also having trouble of not going to last post read but going back to the previous lot, so have to read last lot again.

Had the 502 pop up a few times as well.

Good luck Kul - hope your solution works.

Seems to be working well this Sunday morning.

Mine is working again- thanks Kul

I’m still working on things. (3rd day straight)

Hey everyone.

Just an update.
Without getting technical, a lot has happened in the background this last week. I’m happy to say that I’ve got a solution almost ready to fix these issues that you’ve all raised.

Thank you to the users who’ve help me out with the testing, the feedback so far has been great!

I’ll provide some more updates soon, but my goal is to have this sorted ASAP.

Have not experienced any further issues recently.

@Kul update from this end… Also updated to IOS9. The reloads are almost gone completely now - might be my imagination but maybe happening when I ask too many things of it too quickly?
Anyway, much better.

just noticed we have hit 1 million posts… probably passed it a while ago tho

@TheDaBoss said in WestsTigersForum.com is now on Discourse:

just noticed we have hit 1 million posts… probably passed it a while ago tho

Damn… Forgot all about that… Thought it’s be around this time though.

Who got the lucky post?

Was probably Happy, Geo or Hobbo slagging off one another.

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