Can't log-in to the new forum?

  • Administrators

    You can log in using your username or email address. Your password would have migrated across, however the new platform requires a stronger level of user passwords.
    If you password is considered too weak, the new forum will reject you password.
    You should then click the “I forgot my password” link to set a new, stronger password.

    Some users may have issues logging in if your username included space or special character. Try replacing any spaces with an “_” underscore. Alternatively reach try logging in using your email address instead of username.

    If all that fails and you can’t log in because of a username or password issue, please reach out to the admins and we will get things fixed up for you.

    Please send your current username and email address.

  • Thank you for the help Kul. Just had us a underscore instead of a space.

  • Administrators

    Good stuff mate!
    Enjoy! ☺

  • Looks good & easy to navigate!

    Had a laugh when searching profiles!

    Trust level …”basic user”


  • Administrators

    You’ll find most people are at the lowest level but they will quickly get bumped up.

    Trust is based on more than post count, it looks at how often you post, like things, edit, etc.

  • ForumSupporter

    Trust no one…has happy found out how to get in yet

  • He’s got no chance lol

  • Took me a while to get it going, but looks good now that I’m in.

  • Technological change always scares me! Got it now and it looks great

  • If I can get in anyone can

  • Looks great. So far so good. Thanks for all the effort and late nights you put in for us Kul, it is really appreciated.

  • It wouldn’t let me in at first but its intuitive enough that it didn’t take long. Looks great.

  • Completely and utterly lost ……will leave it at that

    Don’t understand how to quote someone

    where would I even start looking for old threads

    top that off I have to try and run a comp under these conditions

    And to top that off getting bad gateway messages

  • What do you mean ?
    “ under these conditions “
    Lmao !

    If it’s hot put on the air-con !

  • so I wanted to give you crap about Spurs having their Palace knocked down in the soccer thread ……how do you get to the end of the thread …took me forever to get to about page 3

    when I tried to reply it just connected to whatever message someone else had typed 3 years ago

    And my 2nd message bagging out the new Forum was stopped about 5 times by some 502 message and then it wanted to have it in multiple threads

    and why is the bot of the Forum continuing to ask for my computer password , not my Forum password my computer password to link it to some garbage

    Wanting to talk footy or soccer shouldn’t include the Spanish Inquisition

    Surprise surprise another 502 message , soon as the Predict 6 is done I’m out , this is a bloody joke

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