Reply names not showing

Not sure if it just me but on Discord using Safari on iOS I can’t see who has replied to a comment. Each replied comment is there but not the Author’s name of each comment.

Hey Mike.

I’ve been looking on my phone and I can’t find a quote prompt. I think the new reply function abolishes the old quoting function, so if I’m correct the old quoting function is a legacy thing.

At least it will remove the mess of quoting and posting replies within quotes.

I think that is right. ie you use the @ symbol to direct a response. ie @mike. However for historical purposes that info seems to be lost. I’m talking about the existing replies. The user is not quoted.

Hit reply in the post you want to quote …their post icon will then appear in your post @Cultured_Bogan

It is your quoted post icon appears in the new post just tap on that and you will see your orginal post as well as the reply…@mike

I get that. It’s the existing pre Discord posts I am talking about. If you look at a post with lots of replies you cannot see who has replied to whom. ie if you look at the Support Justin thread at the top of each imbedded reply there is no name.

Ah yes i see what you mean now @mike i will ask Kul about it…

yes, unfortunately that was one of the few things that was unable to be migrated across. I reached out the developer about it but they said it was too hard to work it in.

Replies now flow on from the original post. See your post and how it has “replies” under it

Thanks Kul. I thought that might be the case. Cheers.

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