Paul Gallen vs John Hopoate

Who have you got to win this heavyweight showdown? Personally I think Gallen can come home with the win only because he’s younger and he still plays footy so he’s most likely fitter. Whereas Hopoate is getting on with age and looks to be getting pretty heavy.

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  • Paul Gallen
  • John Hopoate

I reckon Hoppa will waste him. Both very average fighters but I reckon all Hoppa needs to do is connect and it’s goodnight Irene.

PS, does anybody know when and where this fight is actually taking place and what channel it will be on?

A good result is they punch each other at exactly the same time, knock each other into an extended coma and the world would be better for it.

Pair of tools.

……but Id still like to watch it…

Shame it’s not a wrestling match, Hoppa would have a few tricks I’m sure

I picked Hopoate, absolutely hate the guy but Gallen needs his ego closed.

Agree wholeheartedly with this post

Like choosing between French kissing your Mum or Mother in Law

Who cares this type of debarcle should not be taking place how can this be a pro fight when neither bloke have had a amature fight, it should not be aloud this is all mundines fault he promotes this type of crap with the likes of sbw and wade cooper and such and they give boxing a bad name.

I hope Hoppa knocks Gallens block off and finishes the fight with a finger where it hurts

Can’t stand Hoppa. Low life bully. Hope he gets knocked into tomorrow

I love heavyweight boxing but this is stupid. Hoppa looked half decent when he first started (well by Aus standards) but that was some time ago. Dud fight between two duds and symbolic of Australian boxing of late.

Gallen will win and it’ll be stopped in under 2 rounds.

its sad to see to see this contest ,they are a few years and kilos apart, what is it about ,please explain.

Hope it goes the distance and both get knocked out in the final seconds

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