NRL Fantasy DRAFT 2019

Guy of the Tiger 731 Happy Choker 558

WD Guy…Draft Champ 2019

See you all next year…

congrats Guy …way too good for me mate

Thanks for running the comp in such a professional manner Geo


Thanks happy. Good game.

Had to really tweak my loops to beat your team.

I like that about draft.look forward to next year.

Still blame you guys for my fantasy addiction!


Haha thanks for that Geo

And likewise for the running of the comp

Maybe we just need one big fantasy thread for discussing all fantasy teams next year to make it easier to manage

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I choked hard and would’ve had it in the preliminary finals if it weren’t for those pesky Bronco kids! (Great use of the interchange btw.)

Would’ve outscored you in the GF too (had I made it). For even -1 point Trbojevic could’ve bring down the rest of my team.

But alas it wasn’t to be…

GG Guy, well played indeed! 👍


Haha I drafted Difi but came close to giving up on him when it seemed he’d never get enough minutes

But he finally did and paid off

Just as I got the knack of loops

No decent halves all season meant lots of working the wire

I’ve topped the ladders a few times but rarely actually win a h2h

On to EPL and NFL now

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Anyone interested in The Forums NFL Fantasy?

Draft at 1pm tomorrow.

1spot left.

Join Here:
League ID: 8005069
League Password: TigerNFL

Let @The_Patriot know if you’re in.

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