Marina Go resigns Barry O'Farrell appointed

Came across this Twitter post and it refereed to Marina Go as the former WT Director….When did she relinquish her WT Chair?..

No it’s referring to Rosemary Sinclair as the former Wests Tigers director

I just listened to this Podcast. Marina Go was asked if she had resigned. She did say Yes or No. it’s right at the end of the podcast.

Umm the first tweet is Marina Go talking about Rosemary Sinclair the for formee tigers director



To be honest I’m not too sure how the structure is set up or works. Does the independent chair or whatever title it is actually do anything. For example should they be more involved in commercial or football side of things because go excelled in the former not the latter.

Extremely sad if true. She’s added a lot to our club.

However most Chairs would only be required to attend fortnightly meetings etc, not be heavily involved in the day to day running of the club. Would certainly have taken a toll on her of late, especially with the lack of respect shown towards her and the club by head office.

Buzz cant help himself

This is incredibly sad. We had great governance under Marina Go - and balanced governance. I hope we don’t end up with an agenda driven old Magpies or Balmain fossil. We need a corporate experienced independent leader who is business savvy.

I saw her interview on …… she looked pissed as to how all this worked our. I think NRL putting pressure on the club to apologise for this … was the last straw for her.
With all the rubbish this club has been through over last few years and NRL sitting on their hands while watching us burn and now this … I’m sorry to say that my support for the game and interest has been eroded to such extent that I am not far behind her.
Noted that Greenberg rang her in the morning of the latest penalty announcement and she’d didnt answer his calls. Probably tried to calm the waters as NRL can hardly afford to loose a woman of her standing in the business and the community. Their loss! And ours I’m afraid.

This pathetic man is doing untold damage to the game. He is just abhorrent. Now we lose a woman of integrity just when the game needs to repair its attitude in relation to women. Can’t even joke about it - just incredible.

Good on her I hope she unloads in Greenberg. Too much class to do that but we move forward. Buzz is a scoundrel it didn’t need to be said West’s control the board and make the decisions the new Chair will be a West’s Ashfield appointee. Simon Cook is the most credentialed.

I don’t know what it is with buzz. From her interviews, her results and the fact she’s been revoted once already back into the chair, she’s not incompetent.

Almost just seems like blatant sexism from buzz.

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