Marina Go resigns Barry O'Farrell appointed

Wish she was CEO of Rugby Australia
Instead of double-dutch Raelene Castle.

Clearly you hate Rugby…

Ok, what happened here.

Marina Go resigns and the other Independant rep resigns 24 Dec.

Justin Pascoe comes back… Marina’s resignation becomes public.

Three ideas:
1. Marina hated Justin and was maneuvering him out. When he was coming back she resigned… Kinda doubtful of this as Marina hired Justin, but possible.

2. The Independent directors were conflicted between the NRL and the WT. As their appointer would be acting against the club they were appointed to run. They don’t want to get caught between serving the interests of the NRL and serving the club.

3. Marina was revealed to be behind the Farah saga. She either fell on her sword to save Justin or similar.

Of all possibilities, I think 2. The directors may not be that independent and got caught in a legal issue when the WT attacked the NRL for wrongful dismissal of Pascoe.

I remember you selling them at Leichhardt “sugar coated or in the shell”

Very well said. I salute you.

You don’t know what ur chatting about.

I don’t know, it sort of sounded like the way this all went down disillusioned her, and she’s leaving because she doesn’t want to put up with the rubbish.

So about a week after Pascoe was deregistered, she wants out. She would have talked with Pascoe, he would have told her there was no intent in cheating. She could see NRL honing in on us, and wanted out of the toxic environment.

Good on her for staying 'till we can sort a replacement.

Score another for Toddy, though I sure hope his days in the NRL are numbered and fast running out.

Conspiracy Theorist much….🙄

All the best Ms Go…just hope the next chair is as good in attracting Corporate sponsors to our Club


Wests Tigers chair Marina Go resigns

This is a pretty miss leading headline from yes Ms Go will be moving on but not until a replacement is found…but I’m not surprised one bit…

A lot will just assume she resigned because of recent events…nice work Todd and your media clowns

Wow thats some good conspirscy their. I would say her new job means she doesent have the time to committ to Wests Tigers because your 3 options are just a little bit crazy especially number 2

We were forced to appoint independent directors when we were in debt to the NRL. Are we still required to have them, and who appoints them?

No and Ms Go was re-appointed by Wests Group when they took 75% ownership…

I think you will find while now not a requirement the Chair will be independent and are elected by the Wests Tigers board…

Ah, yea new job makes sense.

That being said. Board level conflicts of interest can cause resignations. The NRL appointed Go, now WT suing NRL, I could see this becoming difficult as Marina has to act in the clubs interest and I am unclear what her obligations are to the NRL
No I dont assume ‘independant director’ is totally independant. I would have to look at the contract.

Even Marina knows you dont bite the hand that feeds.

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