Ben Barba sacked

North Queensland Cowboys have sacked Ben Barba.

Wow! He didn’t last long back in the NRL. I guess it has something to do with cocaine.

Can he play centre? ……sorry

Rumour doing the rounds is he hit his partner while at the casino……

All caught on CCTV. I’m sure Greenberg will give him a character reference.

people will be changing there fantasy teams a tad now

Casino’s have cameras everywhere so when the footage comes out it will end his career. Hopefully other thugs with court cases pending will be punted for good aswell if guilty.

NRL players are stupid

I am absolutely stunned that Ben Barba has been accused of domestic violence. There were unfounded rumours that he had done something similar at the dogs while Greenberg was in charge, but after he thoroughly investigated, Barba was cleared.

I am sure that he has never done anything similar previously, and that Greenberg was not involved in a coverup. I have faith because the NRL investigated Greenberg & he was cleared.

What a joke this games administration is.

Apparently was pulling the old “do you know who I am” garbage with the casino security. On one hand you get guys like Packer who really did learn their lesson, then you have absolute morons like this guy. The amount of money these fools throw away boggles my mind. Idiot.

I thought he wasn’t on the best contract with the Cows.

1 Year. Looking at their signings, it is a good but not great amount. I would suspect 700K.
2 It was only 1 year.

I am glad the Cows did the right thing here. Signed Barba on a very short term contract. He acts up and is OUT the door.

Easts notoriously sign trouble makers on long, low paying contracts. We see this with a lot of teams.

The good bit about this is Te-Marie Martin will get a good shot at 5/8. Great guy to watch and a good ex tiger.


Ive said it before and Ill say it again. For every so called superstar that falls, there are a thousand park footballers working hard and desperate for a crack at the big time.

Dont give these people any airtime whatsoever. Next!

I just saw this Harvey and i made similar comments a short while ago.I agree with you totally and hope it comes back to bite Greenberg where the sun dont shine

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