502 bad gateway messages

  • Not trying to be a pain to Kul or the Mods but the amount of bad gateway messages I’m getting is nuts

    Funnily enough it doesn’t happen when I PM people (well once )

    Quoting people is virtually impossible no matter what happens or what advice I try

    Just commenting is hit or miss ….we have NBN and rarely have issues over than with the internet

    Am I the only one having issues ??

    Cheers Happy

  • Like I couldn’t even get in to edit my post …

  • Administrators

    From what I can tell, you seem to be the only one, but there may be more.

    I’m looking through the site error logs to see if that gives any hint. Can you do me a favour and note the exact time that you get a 502 error, so that I can pin point that moment in the logs.

  • ForumSupporter

    I have had a few early on…they have become less frequent but still happen…will note the exact time next time…

    Also from time to time takes a good 20 to 25 seconds to save a post

  • Kul I don’t want to cause issues ……

    Just makes it hard sometimes getting stuff to people with the Predict 6 or even just letting Geo know I wanted to join the Fantasy Leagues and Drafts

    I was able to get both EB and I logged into Day 1 for each Fantasy comp faster than I could send the message to Geo to let him know I was in

  • @Kul

    We need a genuflect icon again

    Don’t know what you did overnight ……haven’t had an issue today :hugs::star_struck::brain:

  • Issues have started again last 2 nights

    Fine during the day …nights can’t quote people …couldn’t even make a comment in the Reynolds thread

  • Not sure if related but I haven’t been able to log in the last 2 days from my Mac browsers (tried safari, Firefox and brave). Also getting insecure site messages. Just now tried my phone though and it’s working ok.

  • it’s perfectly fine on my computer so may just be something on your side.

  • Tried to post probably 25 posts in threads either commenting or just plain posting since 6.00 pm

    Not one has worked

  • I have my hand on my head (touch wood ) but I think you have sorted the 502 bad gateway issue

    Haven’t had an issue for about 36 hours

    Thanks Kul ….your a legend 😍

  • Haven’t been able to post since yesterday evening

  • Administrators

    I consider it unacceptable that this is happening.

    As per the other thread, I’m spinning up another sever to fix this

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