WTF Tipping Comp 2019

Tipping Comp available

Code 794695

To join go to

All Welcome

Good Luck

Just curious why does it start in round 2?

Tipping doesn’t…most fantasy games start round 2 due to byes so as finals are the last 4 rounds of the regular season


Was trying to find this thread an the code, but it was buried in the latest thread listing.

I will join.

11 tipsters currently…surely we can do better

Righto I’ll join. First time - what do I do?


Righto I’ll join. First time - what do I do?

Click the link in the OP…register for NRL Supercoach of you aren’t already …you just need an email address…then click on join/create league and enter the code 794695 …simples…

up to 16 now…I’ll still win…

I know I won’t, I’m a shocker when it comes to tipping. I am so bad I used to get a friend in Canada, who knows nothing about Rugby League, to tip for me and they constantly did better the me.

Under a week to go,

17 brave tipsters….

We can do better

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