Dead thread

Which team will go better?

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  • Seibold and the Broncs
  • Bennett and the Bunnies

There should be “who gives a rats” option.I cant stand either club they have both bought disrepute to football

The Broncs line up is still a mess without a 7 and the inconsistency of Milford , the wasted money on Bird

Add Boyd’s issues injury wise ……Seibold has a lot of work and top notch recruitment to get the team he needs

The only saving garce is they have arguably / potentially the best crop of forwards in the comp

Souths for mine just , bottom half of the 8

@IWasBornATiger I like your enthusiasm but geez some of these topics are like choosing between getting kicked in the nuts or having the pox…

Speaking from your wide range of experience in both those subjects , which did you prefer ??

is there a 3rd option?… your postings?

K. Sorry, I’ll leave. Catchya’s 👋 👋

Funny to read comments of people criticising the thread topic or his postings. A quick review of the forum suggests that there is a lot of garbage topics and posts from a wide range of users (have you read every page of the politics thread? Now THAT is a real punish!).

Can’t speak for those who crapped on him for starting the thread, I merely agreed that I hope they both fall flat on their arses this year as both teams are protected species by the NRL.

@IWasBornATiger, no need to leave mate, your enthusiasm is what this place needs at the moment, so many members are off about the game, good to see a young bloke getting overexcited.

I certainly wasnt having a shot at the topic opener but i really dislike both of these NRL “darlings” hence my comment

But……what is with all these polls?

THANK YOU! U legend

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