New login issue

Hi Kul,

Not sure you received my email but you have resolved my problem.

thanks for your ongoing great work


Finally back on after being locked out for about 3 days, still have to log in twice though lol
I notice the site now has an SSL certificate- not sure if that has helped.
Thanks for getting on to all the problems guys.

Yes I have to login twice before I get in.

Just curious as to why you guys log yourselves out all the time.

If they use shared computers i can understand why. I only use my home pc so i dont log off but i can see some would have to,

We have to erase all incriminating data and traces of being Wests Tigers supporters in the fear of being unfairly treated by Greenberg and his little friend!

Have to clear the browser to keep accessing the limited number of free articles on certain news sites

If you are using Chrome you can clear them for certain sites only. There is an option to search and you can enter the name of the site, then only clear those cookies.

Just use to read any newslimted article (DT or The Australian) or switch to “Private” mode (or the equivalent) to access any SMH article.

No need to blow away your browser history.

have to log in twice, it just doesn’t let me log in on first time.
So I have to use the log in with email part. Here’s your link to log in at

If you did not request this link, you can safely ignore this email.

Click the following link to log in:
once i open this e-mail click on the link, it lets me in.
I log out of the wests tiger forum, because somemtes I’m away and home computer doesn’t get turned on for 5 days.

So Kul what did Geo and I do to break the Forum

I understand Geo destroys his keyboard the minute he types his tripe ……but I’m a respected and knowledgeable poster

Updating my password finally got me back in on my browsers.

Thanks Kul

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