McQueen confident he can revive career

McQueen confident he can revive career after Maguire reunion


McQueen confident he can revive career after Maguire reunion


Brad Senior Reporter


Mon 18 Feb 2019, 04:05 PM

Brad Walter

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Chris McQueen knew he’d have to answer some tough questions in his first discussion with new Wests Tigers coach Michael Maguire.

McQueen played four seasons under Maguire at South Sydney and the pair won a premiership together in 2014 so the former representative back-rower was well aware of the incoming coach’s tendency to get straight to the point of matters.

“The very first conversation I had with him I told him that I am here, I do want to be here and I obviously want to get back into the team,” McQueen said.

“In case there was any doubt or any thought that I was maybe going to move on, I just made it clear that I am here and I am willing to give my all for the team.”

Last season was the most difficult and frustrating one McQueen has endured in his 10-year career with Souths, Gold Coast and the Tigers after undergoing delicate neck surgery to prevent permanent neck surgery.

Having made his England debut in 2017 against Samoa, he managed just three NRL appearances last year as he struggled for fitness and form at his third Telstra Premiership club.

The dramatic fall from grace for a player who made more than 150 NRL appearances and played six Origins for Queensland forced him to question his future but the 31-year-old insists he was always confident of turning it around.

Chirs McQueen has been ripping in over the off-season.

Chirs McQueen has been ripping in over the off-season.©

“It was definitely the most frustrating year of my life,” he said.

"I started the season a long way off the mark and it was really difficult for me to catch back up. I reckon it probably took the best part of three-quarters of the year just to even feel like I was on the pace of the game.

"It’s not like riding a bike. I knew what I wanted to achieve and I know how to play rugby league but I just couldn’t do it. The first carry or the second carry of the game I would be absolutely gassed, and just feel like I was getting dominated from the very start.

“I never thought about giving it away but obviously, you do question your place in squads or in teams. I really struggled to get a start in first grade but I knew that with a full pre-season under my belt, a full weights program, I could get back to my best footy and I am confident I will have a good year.”

Maguire’s appointment after the departure of Ivan Cleary has added to McQueen’s optimism as he played his best football under the former Wigan mentor from 2012 to 2015 at Redfern.

McQueen was released by Souths to enable the club to re-sign Sam Burgess after his return from rugby union in England and he joined Gold Coast before linking with the Wests Tigers last season.

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“With the way that I played last year, I am not sure that me and Ivan were on the same page and that is fine - that is the way rugby league goes - but I was really excited to see that Madge was coming on board,” he said.

"Madge helped me achieve some of the goals I have had since the day I begun playing rugby league, and I know what he expects and what style of footy he likes to play.

"In the rugby league world things happen and people move on so I certainly had no hard feelings when I left Souths. That’s the way footy is now and I was actually really excited when he signed with the club

I really find his comments interesting mid-article, about believing he knew how to play and what was expected of him, yet he also couldn’t produce it.

This is a rare type of insight into players who fall right out of form, and you wonder if they can really ever get it back. And sometimes even if their head is right they can’t get it back; other times the form does come back.

I’m sure having your neck done doesn’t help and it’s amazing how important a full pre-season is, i.e. how many players just can’t compete properly over the 12 months if their preparation is impacted by matters out of their control.

Really like McQueen, hope he can get back to his best form this season. If he does, it will benefit us immensely.

I think with any major injury, the mental side of it is the hardest part to overcome once deemed fit.
Would be great for us if he does rediscover his old self on the field.

i see McQueen as a little like Ben Ross.
The neck injury was very serious. He won’t ever be 100% normal, but after the break he may get close. But if he is ever going to find form it will be under Madge.

We have him on our team. Had we known (unsure if we did) how bad this injury was we should never ever have signed him. Yet we have him, lets see some fire kid.

If he can’t improve, he should do the right thing and retire

There is no chance of this happening. I bet he needs the money.


Had we known (unsure if we did) how bad this injury was we should never ever have signed him.

The injury was after he signed with us.

Fingers crossed for him, but I have my doubts.

Last year he struggled for the magpies, where he was playing against part timers.

I sure hope he proves me wrong.

Accepting that it was a poor recruitment decision in the first place, I think its agreed that its hardly the players fault. I wish him well, because at his best he adds a bit of mongrel, something that we don’t have.

Lose of form ??

More like your brain writing cheques your body can’t cash anymore

I’ll be surprised at 31 whether he gets back to his best form , I certainly hope so , he would add an extra dimension to our side

I agree I think he’s a spent force, it’s just interesting to me how he described his loss of form… don’t normally hear players put it in those terms.

I just have a feeling that he may have a turnaround year under Madge.
Hope I’m right because we could do with a on form player of his experience.

I hope he kicks back into gear.

He was an origin player.

Shame if he just fizzles out

Very few people can defy age and even less can defy wear and tear of the body.Playing arguably the hardest bodily contact sport it will be very difficult for him.

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