Odd forward/s out

  • With the plethora of awesome young forwards at the broncos, the tigers should target the odd forward out.

    They have high opinions of players like Haas (although not sure now), and Carrigan, with both signed on long term deals. Gillett is also signed until 2022.

    That leaves Fifita, Lodge, Staggs and Su’a (off contract 20) and Fai, Flegler, Mago, Joe O and TPJ (off contract 19)

    Can we please go hard for whoever isn’t playing first grade this season?? My preference would be TPJ who I’d happily throw $900k+ for. Fifita looks promising and Joe O is a beast.

    I also think Su’A will be the Matterson of the broncos. He would also be an astute purchase.

    I definitely wouldn’t complain about any of the above names, although some I prefer more than others. Thoughts?

  • I like the way you think PabloX.

  • David Fifita looks the most promising

  • Agreed, out of all of them, Fifita would be the best option

  • Didnt TPJ only sign a 1 year contract for this season?

  • Yep they’re definitely one of the best teams to target for forward recruitment. I think Joe O is probably the best realistically available option and I think we should start going after him right now with a generous offer.

  • I agree with targeting Joe-O.
    Packerlino/ Twal will need some more support.
    I feel we have enough options in the 2nd row.
    We need another quality middle forward. Prop/Lock.

  • Would target Joe Ofahengaue

  • Su’a knocked back an offer from Souths to re-sign.

    When looking at the broncos, you can sign anyone that they are willing to let go. Everyone else is happy to stay on a minimum contract.

  • Meh im still dirty on the muppet who got rid of the Kebra Park connection.

    Broncos are all over it now.

  • Albert Hoppa

  • Fai is a QLD cup player.
    Struggles with his weight too.

    Fifita defo looks the goods.
    Lodge has gone well at the broncos too but can’t see him ever coming back.

    Joe O is one to watch this year as well, IMO he was better than TPJ last year so expect him to go to another level.

    Broncos are very solid with great depth.

  • A lot will depend on how the likes of Aloiai, Eisenhuth, Clark, Mikaele perform this year. There is only two we should be looking at Ofahengaue and Flegler, The Titans have are overstocked with props maybe Leilani Latu & Morgan Boyle? Just go hard for Blake Lawrie from the Dragons.

  • Alex Twal has been our best FRF signing in a while.

    Leilani Latu wasn’t impressive in last Friday’s game.

    The names mentioned Aloiai, Eisenhuth, Clark & Mikaele are all capable of stepping up. Hopefully they can. Make or break year for Aliai & Huth IMO.

    Clark and TM haven’t had a chance but hopefully impress.

  • Fifita will be the best of the lot.

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