2019 Squad

With Jennings confirmed it seems we have our Top 30 at least for now. This list is from the WT website

No reason this squad can’t make the 8, I definitely think Jennings, Momirovski are an upgrade in the backs on Kevvie and MKZ, gives us more speed for sure. Ryan Matterson is a huge upgrade on Sue and Musgrave, all going well, will be better than Grant

Josh Reynolds is almost like a new signing given what we got out of him last year

In general we have a lot more of an age where they are improving rather than fading and our two legends will hopefully be more cameo players this year

My main concern is at Prop, where Packer and Matulino weren’t good enough most weeks last year. They need to step up and should be alternated I reckon, but hopefully Twal takes a leadership role in our pack and one of our others develops into something special

A lot to like about this squad and whilst I’m always optimistic in February, I seriously think we are stronger than last year


I love a good spreadsheet, but surely the development players have replaced someone


but surely the development players have replaced someone

Dylan Smith, Thomas Mikaele and Sam McIntyre were Development players last year. The 4th Dev player was a dead loss - Ex Knights Holden Cup Centre Gibbs?

No one worth mentioning I thought plus hard to line them up
I didn’t think we needed to list the Godinets, Sironens, and similar

Pre-season we might as well be positive and dream the dream we can make the 8. You’re correct in seeing the pressure on our props to perform, but hopefully Twal can go to the next level and one of the other back up props can rise to the occasion.

I think we can do one better than last years 9th spot. Common Wests Tigers, we can do it.

I am very optimistic and believe we can make the 8. Our squad is better than what it was last year. The players we have lost, we have upgraded. We have some great young talent coming through so the future looks very promising. Hopefully we can retain Madge for the length of his contract, he is a tough and demanding coach something I think we have lacked for a long time. The club is heading in a great direction

Considering the turmoil, the recruitment has been very good imo.
No overpriced players signed in the last year. Most have been genuine first graders.
Jennings, Musgrove, Matterson, Momirovski have been the sort of players I was hoping for.

Agreed. I’ve been very critical of recruitment and retention for a long time but we seem to be building a nice squad. I think we’ll be competitive this year but a couple of smart signings at end of year will really see us become a force

I really hope we see Mikaele feature in 1st grade this year. I really think he will be a line breaker when the opposition tires at during the closer minutes of the 1st and 2nd half.

If we crack the 8, let alone the top 10 this seasonwith this squad I would honestly be surprised.

I live my tigers ut i look at the other teams as simple more balanced or having improved more than us.

For me its a simple question of who from the 2018 top 8 besides the warriors drops out allowing the tigers and Newcastle to enter

Sounds like Aloiai may be shaping as a prop this season, I like it. Would be good if he steps up to be in our front row rotation

He’s 189cm 106kg
Twal is 190 and 104
So I guess he is

I think we are better than Dogs, Eels, Manly, Warriors, Raiders, Titans.

The Knights will improve but Sharks, Storm May struggle. We will end up between 7-10th place.

Matterson, Jennings, Reynolds are big additions this year as is Madge as coach. Mbye for a full season and Farah/Liddle at hooker is also a big positive from Goodinet.

We have plugged some big holes in the right edge, hooker. Our season will be defined by Liddle replacing Farah and breaking out.

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