Why Maguire's Tigers will be different

  • New Tigers coach Michael Maguire on off-field behaviour and reinventing his side’s attack
    FEBRUARY 22, 2019
    New Wests Tigers coach Michael Maguire is confident fans can expect things to be different both on and off the field this season.

    Maguire has made it clear to his players that any kind of misbehaviour will not be tolerated at the club.

    “I talk about that openly with my players, my stance is that we want to build a very strong club here on and off the park. I think everyone is aware of what is required to do that and that is what we are moving towards,” Maguire told The Daily Telegraph.

    The Tigers had to deal with their own off-field drama when Zane Musgrove was charged with indecent assault in December, relating to an incident that occurred two days after his signing was announced.

    The NRL is yet to register his contract and Maguire was reluctant to comment on Musgrove’s immediate future but he insisted the forward will be held to the same account as the rest of the playing group.

    Maguire wants to change the ethos at the Tigers. Picture by Brett Costello.

    “We have high standards here at the club and we have players that are moving through certain things at the moment. They need to work through that but they’re well aware of the standards,” he said.

    “For us, we want to grow this club, there are a lot of passionate fans who want to see this club rise.”

    On the field, the Tigers will be new and improved. The premiership winning coach has spent the preseason re-engineering his side’s attack.

    Under Ivan Cleary’s defensive focus, the points dried up and the Tigers finished 2018 with the worst attack in the competition and with only 61 tries to their name.

    To reverse that unflattering statistic, Maguire has worked on unlocking the potential he has in every combination on the field.

    He’s hoping it’s a style of football that can return the Tigers to the finals for the first time since 2011.

    “The way we play will be different compared to what they’ve done in the past,” he said.

    “The difference will be in how the style of each halve plays.

    What can we expect from the Tigers in 2019. Picture by Wests Tigers.

    “Each halfback has their little qualities that I like to build into our attack to compliment the combinations around them.

    “Chris Lawrence and Luke Brooks have played a lot of footy together. I have been able to change bits of pieces around their game and connection on the left edge. They are things across the park I want to build within our attack.”

    While the battle between Josh Reynolds and Benji Marshall to partner Brooks in the halves is yet to be won, Maguire indicated he was closer to solving his selection dilemma in the backrow.

    Currently, new signing Ryan Matterson is leading the race for the right edge spot but even he is facing stiff competition to secure his place.

    “He’s skilful and he also knows when to be that backrower that needs to punch and do his job. He’s got a good blend in his game,” Maguire said.

    “I’ve got a very competitive group there in the backrow. I’ve got people like Chris McQueen, who I’ve worked with before, and he’s played Origin and grand finals so the quality is there. Then I have players like Luke Garner coming through and Robbie Rochow.

    “But look, I have been very impressed with Ryan Matterson.”


  • Very much looking forward to see Madge’s mark on this team. I’m still not sure what style of lock he will go with but going off his comments in the article …combinations between certain players and the halves will be the key. So I’m guessing this may rule out a ball playing lock.

  • Agree withe the sentiment of the article.

    We were fealt a blow withthe Pascoe fiasco that killed momentum after we were dogged by cleary.

    As Madge has said. The tigers are a sleeping giant of a club.

    We need results on the park desperately to lure a better grade of players to the club and ultimately unlock a new generation of fans.

  • In Magde and Pascoe I trust

  • Administrators

    Wow, actually a good read. Less fluff, more honesty

  • I’m feeling good about 2019. Madge may be the ‘buy’ of the year….

  • ForumSupporter

    You’re either on the bus or you’re off it…oh wait

  • Great read. It is going to be great to see how we move forward under a committed coach. Madge is a tough and honest coach I am sure he will get the best out of the squad we have. After years of some pretty pour recruitment we finally have a little bit of depth in some areas pushing some good competition for spots.

  • We were already under the bus

  • Then threw it in reverse and straight back in to first and father and son lived happily ever after outside the 8!

  • Interesting comments on Musgrove. It was Maguire who brought him in when there were doubts over his character involving charges laid against him a couple of years ago. He managed to get the court to record no conviction though he was guilty.

    Will the gamble on Musgrove pay off? A court will again decide.
    In an interview by WT Chair Marina Go recently she said the board needed convincing about Musgrove and they decided to go with Madge’s recommendation.
    Surely Madge would have told Musgrove this when he was eventually offered his contract. You’d think that would put him on his best off field behaviour.

  • Do you know when he goes back to court Rudy? Or any updates on this? Kid has talent hopefully he can just stay on the right track

  • Twal might be a smokey for lock.

  • In Ivan we trust. No, scratch Ivan, insert Madge.
    Given he’s our 5th coach in 7 years at least let us keep him for his full contract.

  • His case returns to court in March is all I coukd find. His lawyer entered a not guilty plea on his behalf when it came to court last month.

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