Thoughts on the new season?

  • So I’m back after my 5 month bender and was just looking at the side before this season starts, wondering what people’s thoughts are about the upcoming season. Our chances, best 17, thoughts on Madge.

    I’m a bit out of the loop cos I haven’t kept up with the news.

  • We have a better squad than what we had last year.
    Really depends if Madge can get that bit extra out of some of our boys and some consistent form. As always injuries and luck will play their part. But ……
    I think it will be a tough year because some of the so called poor 2018 performing sides will I think, improve. And some of the 2018 top cats will see us coming.

  • I hate Todd Greenberg.

  • Squad has improved and we have a proven coach we have had a few off field issues but we were able to stabilize and sign Robert Jennings.Thursday we find out if we get Pascoe back and a cap penalty reduced.

    We have our one and only trial this Saturday at 3pm which will be on fox and warriors website, so it should give us a good idea what the 17 will look like. The top 30 and ISP players are in NZ as the ISP team is playing first at midday.

    Our chances are good expecting 4th-8th

  • We have a better squad with no big holes.
    Right edge was bad but Matterson will be a huge upgrade. Farah/Liddle will be a good combo and better than ET/Goodinet. Front row will be improved Packer/Matulino/Twal a year older and hopefully Musgrove. Jennings and Nofa will bring the ball back strongly and Reynolds if fit all year is like a new signing. Only positions I would query is lock ET and left centre Momo.

    Storm, Sharks, Manly, Raiders, Warriors are weaker. Dogs, Eels will battle.
    Broncos, Roosters, Dragons, Penrith, Souths look strong. Cowboys, Knights and Titans will improve drastically.

    I’ll take a crack at the ladder:

    1. Roosters 2) Broncos 3) Dragons 4) Souths, 5) Penrith 6) Storm 7) Tigers 😎 Cowboys 9) Titans 10) Knights 11) Sharks 12) Raiders 13) Warriors 14) Manly 15) Dogs 16) Eels

  • I’ve never been a benji basher but I’m really hoping Reynolds is our 6. I think this is crucial to our success this year. Benji was good early but very inconsistent for most of the year. I’m not sure where this leaves him because I can’t see a spot for him on the bench. We’ll need three running forwards on the bench and I see Liddle taking the fourth spot.

  • @sheer64:

    I hate Todd Greenberg.

    :rofl: :rofl:

  • The additions of Matterson, Momirovski, Musgrove, Jennings have all been good signings. In areas that needed addressing from last year.
    No big name Origin level players however a balanced squad overall with depth.
    In most positions if we have an injury we have a decent backup. IMO our weakest position is Prop. If we have an injury or two there we might struggle.

  • Also…the beast punched a cabbie during the feastive season.

    He has been training at centre. However with Momirovski and Jennings coming to the Tigers he could be in ISP…0r a bench utility.

  • So dumb of him. Doubt he’ll see much of the fg side because of it

  • @TYGA:

    I’ll take a crack at the ladder:

    1. Roosters 2) Broncos 3) Dragons 4) Souths, 5) Penrith 6) Storm 7) Tigers 😎 Cowboys 9) Titans 10) Knights 11) Sharks 12) Raiders 13) Warriors 14) Manly 15) Dogs 16) Eels

    I’ll do something a little different Not quite a Top 8 - That is teams that will have Improved

    No Particular Order

    Roosters - Same
    Broncos -
    Tigers - Not sure if top 8 material (we dont win the games we are expected to in the past)
    Knights - Solid
    Dragons - Depending on Widdop

    Storm - Under radar
    Sharks - Same / are they hungry anymore
    Raiders - On their day they are killers…
    Souths - Not sure about the Bennet factor anymore
    Titans - Under radar

    Cowboys - life after Thurston

  • You know what. I just want a good effort and a stable season. No dramas, no dopey off field decisions by players, just establish ourselves as a quality club, run properly and one that has standards. If that means Chee Kam, Musgrove etc have to go, so be it.I actually thought we were already there at the end of 2018, then the aforementioned players got into strife and then ‘Robbiegate’. After twenty years, surely not much to ask for?

  • Every team has had dramas this offseason. Ours weren’t even the worst

  • This post is deleted!

  • No they weren’t the worst. But whats wrong with being the best.Id like to think Madge is looking in that direction.

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