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Magic Night Stakes next.

Im a fisho from a young age. Having small kids has suspended my opportunities lately though.
I guess my closest thing to a hobby currently would be drinking.

Was at that gig, I actually missed out on tickets and had to go into a ballot, I’d pretty much given up hope of ever seeing them at that point, then I got an email saying my name had been drawn from the ballot and I snapped up 2 tickets.

Ill never forget the walk back to where we were staying after it, it nearly killed me I was so spent from going ballistic during Rage. Fun times 🙂😝

For me…

DIY home renovations.
Property development.
Mixed Martial Arts - mainly spectating these days, use to train but not much these days.
Going to the beach.

Cqtiger, I was at the Beach Boys concert as well. Bloody hell that was a long time ago. I remember them throwing long rolls of plastic sheeting into the crowd to give some cover.

Hobbies: fly fishing, golf, horse racing, pretty much all sports, home brewing and cooking.

Was that Beach Boys concert around 1978/9. If so I was there too. It was around Easter because the 9pm Show fireworks went off during Good Vibrations.

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