Favourite song/song artist/music genre

Rinse and repeat the same generic drum beat over and over. The most overrated rock and roll band of al time.

yeah man not one positive quality about them… to me atleast.
work with a few die hard fans and I legit always tell em… “i’d rather listen to guns n roses” lolzz!

ac/dc is trash.

This is a song I wrote for my oldest son. If you like it awesome, if you don’t awesome, but no need to be tossers about it! LOL I’m no guitarist but I enjoy it and it keeps me off the streets!

Nice work, not easy writing, playing and singing. I’m sure your kids will always cherish it.

Appreciate your courage.
You’ve got chords my guy

The one thing I always wanted was at least one musical bone in my body

If I have it , it was broken at a very early age

The closest I came was playing piano with Mr Bad Habits Billy Field at a private bar

am I strange for liking Corey Taylor outside of Slipknot?
I like StoneSour and I like this. Apocalyptica rock.

Vaudeville smash, Danny Boy but I think Roller disco is their best clip

Ofcourse people know them for this, but they are a far deeper band.

Naturally Gerling blood on the microphone;

Dresden Dolls, you know which song

and one of the songs that kept me through high school;

Garbage PUSH IT.


am I strange for liking Corey Taylor outside of Slipknot?
I like StoneSour and I like this. Apocalyptica rock.

I am not a fan of slipknot but love Corey Taylor’s work outside of the band. Ive seen Stonesour twice and thought they were great. Apocalyptica are awesome, love that started as a Metallica cover band using 4 cellos.

Nah mate, Stone Sour are good.

Thanks TCL, this was my first attempt at writing a song that meat something to me. I was at a songwriting retreat. I bawled my eyes out trying to sing it in front of everyone, I had been away for nearly a week and had about 8 hours sleep all week which may have contributed! Next thing all the mums who were there were bawling too! It was a pretty special moment.

Thanks Dan! I actually sing in a band, that part comes easy, the guitar playing is where I need work!

Its not that strange at all, im not a fan of slipknot at all but Corey is a hell of a singer!

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