Do we walk away from Musgrove signing?

With the NRL refusing to clear his contract how long before WT have to walk away from this? We have until 30 June to sign 30th player and at the moment Musgrove is it. What if the court case continues beyond 30 June and NRL and the magnificently inconsistent Greenberg has to adjudge WT again? Do we get hit with a $1m fine by Greenberg for not having our 30th player? Or do we seek NRL approval due to circumstances of their making to walk away from contract offer and sign someone else?

It’s an interesting conundrum PPC. Has any other team EVER been short of signing 30 players by 30 June?

If Musgrove’s case goes beyond 30th June he basically is bye bye to Season 2019 completely cos who would have spots available other than us?

BTW - How’s his welfare going Todd? No paid job since he signed and then got busted days later!

I thought that we were cashed up prior to this drama to the tune of around $750K under the cap.

Musgrove would fetch maybe $250K and Jennings similar. So $500k plus the $320K Robbie fine puts us 70K over the cap. But if Musgrove misses some early months of the season then maybe his sign on value reduces accordingly (back ended on performance perhaps).

Can we walk away? Was there a clause in the contract saying it must be registered before we pay him?

Another Greenberg discretion that screws is over. My understanding is that the charge relates to approaching a woman that he had previously interacted with and forcibly French kissing her against her wishes.

He is now facing an indefinite ban until the court case is finalised, but Bolton has copped 6 weeks for something that sounds similar, and Walker 3 months for a physical assault of a woman.

Welcome to Greenberg’s law where his definition of “fairness” is more important than consistency

Interestingly enough wasn’t Musgrove released to join us? Does his contract with the Rabbitohs revert to being current if his new contract is not registered?

There are huge amounts of grey in this arent there? If i was WT managers, not that we have a current CEO, id be asking some detailed questions to the NRL and outside contract lawyer specialists about this and getting NRL advice in writing. I feel we could get badly burnt in this.

That was my question. If so, following the Ethan Lowe signing, Souths have more than 30 players on their roster and are over the cap.

I also assume that anything we have paid or do pay him is now outside of our cap as he is not a registered top 30 player.

Next question is where does he fit in to the 29 players required to be registered by March 1.

The NRL clubs should walk and form their own group to run the competition


That was my question. If so, following the Ethan Lowe signing, Souths have more than 30 players on their roster and are over the cap.

It’s a good question. I guess souffs would say that if he is cleared then he goes on the tigers books. If he is found guilty and the tigers don’t want him then souffs will terminate his contract for breach of contract. Either way he won’t be at souffs for 2019.
But until the courts decide his fate it’s a very messy situation for both clubs.

And if he is our “last on”, does that mean we can’t contract him if we’re over the cap? (I guess that’s less likely now the hit is over 2 years).

Kasiano now looks like Saints taking the opportunity of a subsidised signing via Storm’s free wheeling with a so called salary cap to replace De Belin. Any replacement for Musgrove will come from a very lean player market unless we can hunt in the ESL.

I don’t think we walk away on the bloke until his court case is decided. We still have a duty of care to him as a prospective contracted player - if he’s convicted then it’s a different story but until such time or otherwise…

What if this goes beyond 30 June? NRL not us refuse to clear his contract. Duty of care then is their responsibility not ours. He has never been cleared to play with WT by the NRL, tell me who do you think has the duty of care in this situation?

No one.
If you assualted someone, does anyone have a duty of care to you?

Lets wait to see what happens with the court case ……

If innocent lets see what has opened up on the market at that stage

@happy_tiger can you update me in about a years time once the victim, offender, jury and legal system have decided they have enough time to hear the case.

That is without the grubby lawyers laughably referred to as representatives of the victim and defendant who will drag the case out for as long as either party or legal aid continues to throw money their way.

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