What we are short of

No 1 As much as Brooks had a good game I still don’t think he’s a halfback……good no 6 he might be
No 2 Front rowers must make more meters and need more decoys out of our pack… makes us very predictable
No3 Need a 85-90% goal kicker… didn’t like the way either Marsters or Gamble address ball
No 4 need more height size and speed on the flanks

Geez, you watch that trial and Brooks bashing is your first agenda!! Wow

@maxxy86 You must be joking. Halfback of the year yet not a halfback? He’s definitely not a 5/8.

Wasn’t bashing Brooks, actually thought he was our best today. But I still think his best football is when he moves to 6 and we have an organiser at 7. Twice we got caught on 6th tackle today…… that shouldn’t happen.

Despite the hate that he copped on here, when Anasta was directing the team around, it allowed Brooks to shine, so your idea has some merit. Still, I have always rated Luke as a halfback and believe that the ones serving him the ball now have the greatest influence.

The will to win at all costs.

The ability to attack and defend competitively. We can only seem to be able to do one or the other. (We did neither yesterday - but only a trial I keep reminding myself)

Brooks just needs a DH that gets him the ball quickly - easy fix, will say no more.

the offloads were far from nothing during the game but when we went and did do offloads, our attacking game doubled

I would thought that the following was needed.:

  • Line speed
  • ruck control
  • forwards who make metres

Our defence was terrible, we were constantly going backwards & never set

Come on Russell, you’ll say plenty more as long as the issue exists, but it is a very important subject and has been for the majority of the last several years.

A mongrel 2nd rower who can punch holes in the defence … and them smash and burry them when defending … !!

Our biggest problem is our selection of 5/8’s

Brooks can ball play but his strength is his running game

But all our 5/8’s are primarily runners first

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