Josh Reynolds - over hyped and over paid

I tend to agree with this because when he came on in my mind the game was already lost.We where getting dominated up front and except for Brooks everyone else was showing little in attack.We had little going for us and a half who is really still learning to play in the team(Reynolds) is unlikely to change that situation for the better.
Benji is not a FG player anymore in my opinion but should be helping our reggies become first grade possibles,i feel Reynolds has to start because he is the one most likely to improve as the season goes on.

Someone on the other forum called him “a fraud wit A D H D”

Its hard not to like his passion and enthusiasm, but this would go down as one of the worst value signings in the history of the NRL. Anyone who knew the game knew that he wasn’t worth that.

He is a huge tryer, naturally doesn’t have the skill or presence of other 5/8s. Even in his prime he was not worth anywhere near 750k. He will get better…and he will always give 100%…but even with that, hes worth half of what we are paying him at best.

Ivan had an entire salary cap to play with and unfortunately got it so wrong on so many counts.

With that sort of money you could buy almost any player in the competition.

Both are players who require other players to make them look good. Unlike the top fullbacks like Tedesco, Trobjovic, RTS, Slater, Ponga…they get the ball and create. They also charge back at the defensive line with venom. In comparison, Moses Mbye needs someone to put him in the whole etc. This is similar for Reynolds…you know he will be there when the break is made on the inside, but he wont be the one putting a guy through a whole or making the break.

Does Josh Reynolds get $750K…wow…that’s a lot…

Depends who you ask but in the past 24 hrs I have read 600k-900k

Yeah 187500 a season LOL

I paid that for my house

Maybe we should stick that on the field

Clearly Reynolds best skill is running with the ball - he is not a particularly good kicker, nor an organiser, nor has much of a passing game, and his defence is “enthusiastic” rather than efficient. I don’t see how anybody could have expected more than this, as even in his prime, which was a few years back now, he was exactly the same. He plays on energy and desire, which although great traits not to be dismissed, need to be accompanied by a range of skills in order to result in a “marquis” performance week in and week out. Unfortunately as he gets older he is going to be incapable of utilising the few attributes he has. Benji at least still has skills - they don’t always work out - but he has them still and if he can keep fit and enthusiastic Unlike many here, I believe he is currently the better choice for us to get results. For me, I’d give Reynolds some time in ISP to get his timing and game sense back and then revisit the problem in 4-5 weeks.
In saying the above, I believe that Benji played carrying injuries for a lot of last season whilst he was covering for Reynolds (basically because there was no other choice) - there were a few games that it was obvious he couldn’t run at all. So to clarify my comment we can’t be doing that again - he certainly should not be playing unless he is 100% fit.

And we are missing that type of player a forward with a good offload and/or a playmaker half.

Anyone who thinks he isn’t on significant coin is having a laugh. We signed him right after we lost Tedesco, Woods and Moses. We were crying out for a big name signing and we had the cash to make one. Plus were in a position where we had to pay guys overs. 750 is plausibe. He wouldn’t be on much less.

He was a “Hail Mary” type of buy.
We were desperate for a high profile signing and …… now we hope to god he comes good.
But you know something I get the feeling his heart is not in to playing at his best for anyone but the Bulldogs. Not that he is not trying … just saying Bulldogs are in his DNA.

Reynolds best strength is usually his support play , bit like Baa in that sense

Lets hope we make enough line breaks so his strength can be utilized

Reynolds is a buy we would not have made with a Crystal ball.
If we could see the future and realise that Marshall would be available,
that Cooper Cronk would be available (By that I mean shift Brooks to 5/8 and have Cronk as half to peer mentor him).

Where we went astray was that Maloney was making noises that he wasn’t liking his 500K.
That being said…. All this is with a crystal ball.
We were going down the tubes. Seriously down the tubes. We had lost most of our talent and players want to play with good players. Reynolds was a clear indication that we were seriously rebuilding.

We also haven’t seen Reynolds play. Too injured, he has barely taken the field. Had we not hired, doubt we would have gotten Cronk, doubt there was much Maloney would have seen in us. I would like to judge him on modern form, in his day the guy could clearly play and was a gutsy defender. We haven’t seen him take to the field uninjured for the tigers and I want to see that first.

The bigger problem was hiring Mbye. Cmon Reynolds opened the Bulldogs portal to strong forwards. We passed on Graham, maybe we could have done a Newcastle and overplayed Klemmer or Jackson to come play with us. Instead we took the Dogs overpayed cashcow (perhaps we did this twice.). Then we had people suggest we pinch Lichaa as well… ROFL the bottom 4 team.

I just want to add a lot of what Josh added to the team is now present in players that were not with us then.
Farah and Marshall have added team spirit in spades. Packer brought some grit with him, (bring more out this season big guy). Corey Thompson is just general good guy glue but no one could know these good characters would be joining us.

We lacked leadership in spades and Josh as a person is 100% team. We do not need Josh to guide our younger players now and help them hold their nerve but prior all those signings we needed solid leadership.

McGuire, you need to guide another Reynolds in the halves.

It’s amazing what sort of comments trial matches bring out in people.

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