The Problem with the Tigers attack is

The problem with the Tigers attack is Mr R Farah.

Farah is at least three years past his best, his biggest asset to the club is his experience which can be used just as effectively off field, his biggest drawback is his constant stifling of the attack. His pace is non-existent and his defence is “iffy”.

Our best player Luke Brooks is often restrained by Farah constantly overplaying his hand. Luke’s combination with Jacob Liddle could be lethal.

Liddle’s blinding pace will open up so many more opportunities for our best attacking players, Brooks, Marsters, Mbye, Matterson.

I’m convinced Josh Reynold’s would rediscover his attacking mojo a lot quicker, even “Old Benji” if he can hold his place in the 17 will suddenly have more time and not be under as much constant pressure.

Liddle is right to go now season 2019, in hindsight he never stood a chance in 2018 after coming back from a double shoulder reconstruction, stop holding him back, its holding the club back. The young hooker we picked up from Penrith to play ISP presents a far better option than what we had last year if Liddle is injured.

Farah should do the right thing by a club and retire now. I truly believe that he has given his heart and soul to the club and will always be remembered as one of our best but don’t forget he has also been handsomely remunerated for his efforts.

If Musgrove is cleared to play, we will need salary cap space he is a far better option than Farah.

Let’s talk about it after the first few rounds. Dumb to critique the attack in a trial match.

The problem is we don’t have any attack apart from Brooks (Masters occasionally I suppose).
Liddle and Reynolds were on the park together yesterday and bumbled.
I think Liddle will come good and Farah will pass the baton on - not so sure on JR, but I hope I’m wrong.

If you are able to read it properly, I said he has been past his best for the last 3 YEARS.
It has got jack to do with yesterday.

Well, you’ve had the whole off season to start this thread, but only did so a day after the trial. So….

I 100% agree that Farah is slower, older and stunting our attack. It was no coincidence that our attack sharpened significantly after Liddle replaced Farah. Liddle has speed and sidestep which Farah no longer has. It’s time for Farah to retire now and help the club bring in fresh new blood to replace him. This would help Wests Tigers better than any ambassador role. I fear that Benji is following a very similar fate.

Maybe we could pay him to retire?

I thought Farah played well, but when you lose that speed out of dummy-half, it means the markers don’t have to worry so much and pile on to the first receiver.

Last season should of been their swansongs

If Robbie and Benji play 20 + Rds were are in big trouble

If you rated either against the other 15 clubs where would they rank seriously (take your black ,white and tangerine sunnies off for 2 minutes )

Its not 2005 anymore , it’s not 2009 anymore ,it’s not 2011 anymore or even 2015 anymore

Sentiment is nice but it doesn’t win footy games or help us recruit better players in those positions

Too true Happy. If Benji and Farah are to continue playing then sadly Wests Tigers are well and truly gone for the season before it starts.

i mean, they might make us eat our words, buttt i highly doubt that will happen

Yes, I hope that Maguire stands by his reputation of making the hard decisions in favour of playing the best team and not be tied to emotions of putting former great players on the field just for the sake of it.

I’ll pile on in this tackle. Liddle and Reynolds have to be given first run to get their games together. Farah and Benji come on only if the others are injured.

Agreed. Marshall and Farah should have 30/31 on their backs as an emergency option in case Liddle, Brooks or Reynolds gets injured

My thinking as well. I’d even give Gamble a shot at it before Benji. He’s only 22 and still has a long way to go, but I’d rather see him make it here than somewhere else.

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