The Problem with the Tigers attack is

  • I reckon Liddle will be a good player … but at this moment in time is not better than Farah.
    Saying that I also think it won’t be too long until Farah will step aside and all his haters can then wait for Liddle to play for NSW and Australia just like Robbie.
    Our backline is a bigger mess and, although I see Fonua do some silly things, he breaks tackles and seems to earn at least 3 penalties every game. Think he might be a surprise on a wing.
    Five eighth is anybody’s guess, they both played poorly.

  • depends on who that “expert” is 😉

  • im happy for farah to play if he is there as a ball distributer and kicking option. there should be a rule that he isnt allowed to take anymore then 2 steps out of dummyhalf when in the attacking 20. good luck enforcing any of those though…

    benji should have retired last year, i really think he is going to embarress himself this year

  • Are we talking instant mine fields in the opposition 20 FF

    Three steps and KABOOM ……HIA issue 😃

  • What is it with the Tigers.

    It’s Benji’s fault… Oh that our wings are bloody turnstyles!
    You cant just leak points on the wing like we do and expect to win.

    Yes last season our attack was down. But lets face it we lost Teddy and he would be one of the best in the League. Brooks is doing great at Halfback but I see him a lot like Mitchell Pearce.

    Reynolds will be our 5/8. He will be more supportive of Brooks and it’s a good half combination. Benji is a GREAT spare half and that is what people forget.
    Benji isn’t the star anymore. He is the Daniel Mortimer, the Brett Finch. He is the Half that takes to the field when the regular two are injured and in that role he is awesome.

    So give him a break and let him do his work. Let sort our real problems.

  • One problem is that close to 1mill is being spent for 2 average 5/8
    among other things

  • With one likely to be running around in ISP most weeks.

  • Banned

    You dont see people proven 100% wrong very often. Congratulations.

  • No one is happier than me when the Tigers win and more than happy to admit when I’m wrong.

    But aren’t you just a bit premature with your assumption.

  • Banned

    Possibly, but you definitely were when you stated that he should retire before the season kicked off.
    Hopefully Brooks and Liddle are absorbing his experience and knowledge. Someone needs to lead the side around the park when he is gone.

  • 2 tries tonite but him and Benji strangled Brooks. If only we played malny every week.

  • Our 5/8 position is a concern. Benji and Reynolds wouldn’t get a run in most top 8 sides.
    Storm Munster, Broncos Milford, Dragons Widdop, Roosters Keary, Souths Walker, Panthers Maloney, Sharks Johnson, Knights Ponga.

    The only sides we are better than at 5/8 maybe are Raider Wighton, Bulldogs Foran, Eels Brown, Titans Jacks, Warriors Keighran.

    I hope Reynolds comes good but he looks done to me injury wise. He’s also a poor fit with Brooks. Benji cant carry us for another full season he was streaky at best tonight albeit conditions did not suit his game.

  • Robbie was classy as usual and scored a couple of tries plus his kick pressure all night. Maybe wait for the first loss for this thread to kick back into gear !!

  • I couldn’t watch the game so listened to it on radio. It sounds like Farah played a blinder, especially with his kicking game i don’t know what his service was like. It sounds like Liddle will be sidelined for a while longer.

  • I thought the most outstanding part of Robbies game was the fact he consistently made DCE rush his clearing kicks

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