Wildcard Weekend proposed by NRL

Dumb dumb dumb, 10 out of 16 teams making the Finals!

New world order mentality, everyone gets a prize.

They should make it 7-14 over 2 weekends.

If the proposed method was adopted, we would likely move from 9th to 11th

We’ll make the finals every year if they allow 9th and 10th in.

I just bought my finals ticket !

Who else is coming ?


Imagine if we can’t make the top 10 !

It’s all about revenue raising !

I liked the old school top 5 …

We’ll probably finish 11th 😂

11th -16th could be best of the rest comp

How about we forget semis , play everyone home and away and first past the post wins the premiership

Would mean one extra round of footy

When I started following football the top 4 (out of 10) made the finals and then it became 5 (out of 12) after Cronulla and Penrith were added in the late 60s. In the NFL, 12 (out of 32) make the playoffs. Those ratios in my opinion are about right. Allowing 10 out of 16 to play off is just rewarding mediocrity. Personally I’d be happy if our finals were reduced to 6 teams but the NRL won’t do that because more games means more money.

We will make 11th our own …
6 points behind 10th and 4 points clear of 12th

Screw the premiership. How about all the teams get encouragement awards instead? Why bother training? Might as well enjoy a longer off season since effort seems not to be counted anymore.

Honestly who ever thinks up these ideas should be banned from providing another idea… Ever…

Not bad…I don’t mind it… more footy yo watch 😁

I really like it. Less dead rubbers, more excitment and the 6 big teams get a week off to recover improving the quality of the finals games later on as well as players get a weeks rest.

I am for any change that improves the quality and excitement of football - who cares about people saying such and such didnt deserve to make it. This is entertainment and they would still have to win 5 games in a row to win a comp against the best teams


It’s all about revenue raising !

I liked the old school top 5 …

I created a top 8 based on the old top 4 system.

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