Wildcard Weekend proposed by NRL

If a team has lost more games than won, imo, they do not deserve a shot at winning the comp.

If the NRL is to look at options, I wouldn’t be opposed to the bottom 8 playing a second tier finals system. Could be a curtain raiser to the main (real) finals game. Don’t know if teams would take it seriously though.


Imagine all the continued lack of talent our club will attract knowing that they don’t have to put in but can still make the semis each year !

We could be the WHAM of the NRL…oh wait we already won a Premiership…

i suppose it would attract more supporters in a way, and it would be exciting for younger supporters to get to see there team who sadly did not make the finals, get a second chance at glory

We could even bring back Sheens in his late 70’s…:.
Even Royce …!
It wouldn’t matter lol

Its just a knee j**k response to one year that there was a big gap betwwen the top 8 and the bottom 8. If they think there is a problem they should fix the eveness of the squads because the salary cap doesnt seem to be working. This is just a rubbish quick fix by clueless leaders.

You are right, but unfortunately these clueless leaders seem to be calling the shots and getting away with it.

I reckon they will do it.

Absolute joke.

I think those left out of an extended finals series should also play off, with the winner taking on the grand final winner.

What they could do, is to have ALL the teams play in the finals, but versus each other a time or two beforehand to know who qualifies higher on a ladder-like structure.

It might take, I don’t know, six months over 24 rounds, finishing off with a Super 8 Final Series!!

Oh, and free drinks for the Old Boys Club, that’ll get WT Board backing…

This is a load of waffle.
Just a smokey to divert attention towards the game and away from the horrors that are taking up media reports about sex tapes etc etc.
As if ……

I reckon they should have 2 comps. One with the Capons, Donkeys, Drizzles and Guppies and the other with the rest. Each year crown one of the former premiers and give each of the latter ‘Also Ran’ ribbons.

What about a Trifecta of co coaches with Webster Taylor and Lamb

Dumb idea, having two mid table games over a weekend is terrible, the crowds & ratings will be low and it doesn’t serve any purpose. The last thing the game needs is a team to be dire for 20 rounds, win 5/6 down the stretch and get themselves to a 9-15 record to sneak into 10th with some momentum and take out the comp. Under the top 8, 8th place has never won the comp, but they’ve made the grand final twice so it is a matter of time. If a team runs 10th in a 16 team comp how can you possibly say they’re the best.

4th is the highest winner in the modern era ( Us I think )

Melbourne in 2009 did it too, I’m sure another team has also done it from 4th. It has not happened from a spot 5-8 but it to me that’s a case of when. Parra (09) & North Queensland (17) made the grand final whilst the Warriors (08) made the prelims. In 1998 there was a top 10 (20 team comp) and the Bulldogs made the grand final from 8th or 9th.

Just looking at the potential from last year, I don’t see why we stop the competition for a week to have those two games, unless you a fan of any of those 4 teams I can’t see people caring enough to make it worthwhile.

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