Podcast with Chris Lawrence

  • Hey guys,

    I did a podcast with Chris Lawrence which was released today. Unfortunately Chris as you know was injured last week and we all wish him a speedy recovery. The podcast was recorded 3 weeks ago and given all the negative headlines by some players its refreshing to see someone like Chris doing great things and bringing a positive story to the table.

    Link to the podcast is https://www.talkingwithtk.com/single-post/Chris-Lawrence
    or search Talking with TK on your podcast app.

    The time stamps for all the topics are below if you only want to listen to parts that you’re interested. Enjoy and hopefully have a few more Tigers on this year. The old episodes have Keith Galloway, Paul Whatuira, Wayne Pearce & Paul Sironen if you’re interested in any of those ones.



    4:15 - Off field and becoming a father
    5:23 - Changes of the field
    6:56 - Time management and One Well Being
    17:23 - His sister Emma
    19:23 - The Lawrence family and finding footy
    20:04 - Eagle Vale juniors
    22:38 - Andrew Willis
    23:13 - Grounding at St Gregs
    24:44 - Being picked up by Wests
    26:44 - How he became ‘Rowdy’
    28:50 - Leadership
    30:25 - Leaders he admires
    32:48 - Tim Sheens
    34:27 - His first contract
    36:24 - First grade debut in Brisbane
    37:07 - Speed and long distance trys
    37:50 - The 50 club rule
    39:10 - Process after a game
    41:05 - Test debut for Australia
    42:11 - Role at club vs rep footy
    43:07 - Dislocating his hip and the recovery
    47:35 - The comeback and making the Australian team
    48:25 - Moving to the backrow
    51:10 - Handling club adversity
    52:20 - Robbie Farah & Benji Marshall 2006 vs now
    54:18 - Ryan Matterson & Season 2019
    55:15 - Madge Maguire
    56:54 - Funniest team mate over the years
    58:36 - Favorite & least favorite venue outside of the home ground to play at
    59:39 - 5 people he would invite to a private dinner party

  • Sounds great, will have to give it a listen when I have time.

    Has always been a great clubman, regardless of some of the opinions on this forum.

  • Yeah its very hard to find a one club man with over 200 games just for the one club.

    Enjoy the podcast

  • Thanks for the interview Tristan. You cover a lot of interesting territory.

    It’s interesting that the two WT players you have interviewed (Galloway and Rowdy) both spoke of how much they admired Gareth Ellis. He was a real role model (as is Rowdy).

    Thanks for your efforts.

  • Cheers . The Keithy one was great. The Wayne Pearce one even better. I got a lot of the Wayne Pearce one. I’ve started to be more doing a few of his daily routines to clear my mind before starting a days work. Ive had a stressful time at work the last couple of weeks and this has got me through it. Much appreciated.

    Iooking forward to the Chris Lawrence one.

  • The TK interviews are up there with the best podcasts I’ve listened to. Thanks TK.

  • Best sports podcasts I’ve listened to - The Howie Games. Brilliant insightful interviewing technique. Last weeks with Ben Graham was amazing. Shane Warne was top shelf as well. Worth a listen

  • Thanks for your message mate. I’m glad juniors podcast has helped you I’ve sent your message to him too. Getting your morning routine in place is a huge one for me too.

    Enjoy the podcasts and season ahead mate

  • Yeah I agree mate, Howie is the king really inspires me to get mine better also. His great especially with the cricket and AFL guys

  • Thanks @tristan.k_nell great interview
    Will have a listen to some others too and share them with other fans.

  • I listened to your podcast with Lawrence - really good I thought. First one of yours I’ve listened to but will listen to more (I do alot of long distance driving 😀)

  • Hey guys,

    I’ve had Tim Simona’s people reach out to me about sitting down for a yarn with Tim.

    I know there is a mixed feeling about Tim from you Tigers fans.

    What would be your interest in hearing from Tim about everything?


  • Top work! Great listen that, Rowdy is a ledge.

    I’d be super interested in hearing the Simona story.

  • Cheers mate glad you enjoyed it and for the feedback also

  • @tristan.k_nell:

    What would be your interest in hearing from Tim about everything?

    Look, it probably wouldn’t change my dim opinion of him, but it’s always interesting to hear.

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