Jamie Soward

I’m sure most people here hate him and i thought it would be funny to hear other peoples thoughts. What do u think of Jamie Soward?

I don’t think about him at all.

Biggest mushroom in the game TBH.

i dislike him, and ignore him

Unfortunately I had to open the thread to mute it.

I think him and Michael Chamas should put the gloves on

Sure, can occasionally be a little annoying, but gotta give him a break, as he is a young bloke expressing himself. Believe that @IWasBornATiger and @TheDaBoss are mates, generally providing good input and the future of our club.

as a player hated him, however he is actually a very good commentator and anaylist of the game. id take his breakdown of games over most current ex player commentators

Good pic of him sooking against us on Google somwhere

Wouldn’t be hard to find a picture of him sooking.
He seems to spend a fair bit of his time doing that.

Remember when he had a cry about the stupid sketch Beau Ryan did on him?

Rumour has it that his wife is from Foster and she was a big fan.
Use to go to all the games and essentially stalk him.

Now they’re married.

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