Leichhardt Oval the backdrop for Jennings' "special" club debut

  • Leichhardt Oval the backdrop for Jennings’ “special” club debut


    Caitlyn Grant


    Wed 13 Mar 2019, 01:07 PM

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    Wests Tigers new recruit Robert Jennings says he’s excited for his club debut this Saturday against the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles and experience the Leichhardt Oval atmosphere.

    Despite only officially joining Wests Tigers on February 21, Jennings says he’s settled in well and was looking forward to seeing the new combinations in action.

    “I came in pretty late, but the boys have been working on building strong relations," Jennings said. "I haven’t had much time, but the boys have been very welcoming, and I felt like I’ve fit in comfortably.

    “It was pretty stressful [moving clubs that late]. I do get a little worried but I’m backing myself and feeling confident I’ll be coming in round 1 strong.”

    “We’ve been working pretty hard together — for me coming in late it was really big for me to work on my combinations with a few of the players," he added.

    “I feel like we’ve gelled pretty well on that left edge with Luke Brooks and Paul Momirovski, and I can’t wait to take it out on to the field this week.”

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    Having played at Leichhardt Oval once before with the Penrith Panthers, Jennings said he was excited to hear the voracious home crowd backing him this time.

    “I think I’m most excited just to get out there and represent this club," he said.

    "Obviously being previously under Michael Maguire, I’m very familiar with what he’s doing at the club. It’s a pretty easy fit and I’m excited to start round 1 and get out there and get a win.

    “At Leichhardt Oval, watching on for a different club you can see the atmosphere. It’ll be good to be there this time and have their support representing the club.

    “To get my club debut there is pretty special.”

  • So Keen to see all debut, Matto, Momo, Jennings and Makaele. When is the last time we have 4 kids this talented debut in round 1?? Also all 4 are significant upgrades from last years squad.

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    How come jenko and Malarki didn’t get nicknames

  • Forum hasnt deemed them worthy of nicknamrs yet i guess

  • Jen and maka

  • McHale 220px-Ernest_Borgnine_McHale_McHale's_Navy_dress_whites_1962|220x276

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