Are we missing an organiser?

  • Reading through various threads it seems pretty obvious WT have plenty of runners and instinct players but bugger all organisers and those able to set up plays 2 or 3 steps before. What’s the answer? Do we have anybody waiting in the wings? Gamble? I think he is more a runner than organiser but I haven’t seen his game. Do we have to buy someone and who may be available for next season?

  • Assume that Madden is being groomed for that role.

  • Jock Madden will probably make his debut before the season ends. He’s a real organiser, not a runner. Even at 18 barking much older players around on the field.
    Brooks maybe makes the shift to 6 next season.

  • That could work if Brooks is open to it

  • Brooks/Madden combo for 2020 ….Reynolds off to SL…watch this space

  • Madden needs a good year in ISP before NRL. Reynolds will play a huge part this year and next he is not going anywhere.

  • So we have a weakness and the answer is a player who is 18 and not played ISP let alone nrl. No wonder we miss the 8 every year. Seriously he is a kid. If we are waiting for him the next few years are waiting for potential. I hope fans and this club one day show ambition.

  • We haven’t had an organizer in the halves since Prince

    Its that simple

    But as I said in another thread only 6-8 clubs have legitimate players with great field vision

  • Agree. Liu (the dirt bag) could have been that player if he got his defence going.

    Brooks is our best player was the best halfback in the comp last year because of his defence, running metres, try assists, repeat sets ect but we still didn’t have great shape last year.

  • There is an organiser in the team. While he is there no one else is able to fill that role.

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