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  • I think we need to expect an increase in opinion pieces from and stories about Gould, Johns etc this season in the SMH after the merger with 9. I watch Fox game coverage to avoid these bores and read the Herald to get a generally more informed coverage. Maybe I’m paranoid but I have noticed already more stories which seem to be about giving publicity to their (hopelessly dated) commentary team.

  • Waiting for one of the MAFS contestants to act as sideline eye

  • I watch Fox not only for the superior coverage but because of Gould and the 2 Rays.

    Like the Footy show they carry on talking rubbish rather than cover the game that we want to watch.

    I only watched 9 last year for the Origin and Grand Final and that was enough.

  • Banned

    The thing I hate about 9 is that they dont promote the game in the way you would expect guys who played at the top for years would.
    Joey and Freddie constantly have their little “in jokes” about bonding sessions and nights out on the squirt that im sure were every bit as deviant as the stories being released and costing guys their careers currently are. They do this almost every time they are on camera. Gould gets on his high horse and runs the game into the dirt - publically and during prime time every week. Fatty Vautin likewise just thinks the whole thing is a joke preferring to showcase a player’s lack of intelligence over his football skillset. He and Joey drool over a players physic rather than his athleticism and quick thinking. Thursto and Locky really cannot articulate their vast knowledge for the viewers and usually just spew cliche laden gobbledygook with surprisingly little insight. The king is the worst at this.

    Bill Slater and Sterlo are exceptions to the rule and both try to cut the BS out, whilst giving simple yet effective analysis of the game they are commentating on.

  • I dont listen to channel neins football anymore except for origin.The commentary is banal in the extreme with the exception of Peter Sterling who is excellent.
    Their coverage is 2nd rate, Fox is far better in the majority of cases though even they have their share of complete morons as well especially on the football panel shows.

  • Wow. Last night Ch9 coverage was terrible.

    The main call was bland
    JT was very poor and his laughing annoyed
    Vautin is Used by. Go away
    Too many adds

    Flthe follow up show was the same rubish. I wont be back after the game CH9

  • Channel Nine is garbage, has been for years. Best thing the NRL ever did for their TV product was give wholesale rights to Fox.

  • Geez it went for a while! Every 30 minutes I’d flick back to 9 and they’d be in a different location talking crap. Felt like 90 minutes after FT and they’re still in the Storm sheds discussing season predictions.

  • Vautin is almost the greatest “turnoff” in Rugby League history - he must have something on the 9 management to have stayed on TV as long as he has.

    Lockyer might have been a good player - but on a commentary team he is absolutely hopeless. His interviews are appalling.

    We talk about the NRL improving the game (we only wish) but having 9 as a millstone around your neck is not helping.

    And don’t get me started on that idiot Cameron Williams …would turn people off RL rather than endear them to it.

  • I don’t watch nine at all any more but I’ll defend Vautin. He has lasted 20 years on TV. His show was one of the longest running shows in the history of TV. Not born with a stack of natural talent he played first grade, origin and for Australia. He proved to be a winning captain and a successful coach. You don’t fluke that success across different mediums over many years. Love him or hate him but I think you have to admire him

  • Vautin, Sterlo and Rabbs are about at least 15 years past their use by date - a bit like free to air tv.

    If I want to get bored listening to old guys, I’ll hang out at the local bowlo.

    Nine’s cross promos are cringe worthy too. Rabbs will never convince me to tune into the next series of The Block.

    I do enjoy listening to Gus. Huge ego but at least he makes an effort to stay relevant.

  • He’s survived so long because he’s best mates with David Gyngell.

  • Not talking about his playing, captaincy or coaching ability Steve.

    Talking about his ability to entertain on television and to pass on relevant information in an intelligent manner - for him that is a fail from me. However you keep on enjoying him and I’ll keep hitting the mute button.

  • Sterlo is easily the best of the lot.

  • Ch 9 have a lot of very smart ex-players who aren’t very good at communicating what they know, besides Sterlo. Johnsy can get his point across, but then repeats it endlessly between talking nonsense. I’m interested to see how Slater goes.

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