Craig Bellamy

I just listened to Bellamy’s post match presser, and noticed something about his speech that I can now not un-notice.

He can’t say “H”
When he was saying “happy” he’d say “appy” so I listened for other words and noticed it again when he said “happen” he said “appen”.

I’m sure it’s just his Aussie slang or maybe he just wasn’t eddacated proppa.

Then give me a coach who can’t say his “H’s”’…

Sure knows about W though

Done OK for 'imself though…

One of the biggest grubs to ever influence the game.

Hate how he says “again” all the time

He looks like he has no problems with his Fs.

I’m sure one of his parents is English from memory …certain dialects from certain areas wouldn’t know a g or h if they got crash tackled by it

Don’t you mean Obbo ……😁


Dropping the ‘H’ is common practice for folk from up north …( mainly Yorkshire)

I’m from the East Midlands…
But I’m happy to educate you dumb arse Aussies !

Firstly …ye’ ave tuh drop yer ‘H’ as in ”has “ and ‘her’ and replace yer ‘T’ as in ‘’that’ and ‘cat’ , replacing the ‘T’ with a slight ‘h’ sound …

Ready to have a go ?!..

“ ‘er ca-h ‘as a fa-hra-h stashed in’t coil “oyle”

Translation…” Her cat has a fat rat ststuffed in the coal cellar “

Well done…
nice drop of the “h” !

Now go suck on some toads !

Actions speak louder then words, though. I’d love to have his coaching record.

What’s with the stuttering

And your scoooish mates are worse

Obviously didn’t invent the letter T …bit like the Hawaiians with 13 letters in the alphabet

I’d love to have him as a coach! I reckon he could even work miracles with our lot. Best coach in the history of the game by a country mile.

Nah the Scotts are different…
Apparently they have hairs on the roof of their mouths , that’s why they’re always
H’ocking there words out …lol

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